Top Podcasts You Should Subscribe to for Casino Tips and Information

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Podcasts can be a source of information as well as tips for everything you need to know about. It can be about music, arts, science, environment. It can even be about the latest issues and controversies.

Of course, you can also find podcasts that talk about casinos, including tips and the news. So here I talk about the best podcasts you can check out using podcasts apps to listen to casino tips and news on your mobile device.

Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast

Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast is a show made for gamblers. They talk about helpful tips and tricks as well as hints to help you have fun when gambling.

Professor Slots

Professor Slots feature Jon Friedl as he reveals all his tips and tricks and gives advice for people who want to thrive in the slot machine in any type of casino, online or not.

Thinking Poker

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If Professor Slots focuses on slot games, then Thinking Poker is for people who want to learn tips and tricks and maximize their chances in poker games.

Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

This is another podcast similar to Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast as it was made solely for someone who’s interested in gambling. However, this time, they focus on recreational gambling.

Best Way to Open a New Online Sportsbook/Casino Account + Free Sports Picks Today

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The content of this podcast is already obvious from the name itself. Since opening sportsbooks or casino accounts online can be a bit complex, they provide tips on how to do it best.

Gamble On

Gamble On is another podcast made for gamblers. They talk about gambling including sports betting and casinos. They also announce the latest news in the industry.


Gamblecast is brought by the team at and is perhaps the most popular podcast when it comes to gambling. They provide news as well as tips and strategies with gambling, including casinos.

Middle Management Movement by Michelle Pascoe

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While it’s a bit different from the other podcasts on this list, this one is still helpful for gamblers. This is because here they talk about how to manage casinos, so it might be best utilized by someone learning about casino management.

Vital Vegas Podcast

Vital Vegas Podcast is, of course, a podcast that talks about gambling. However, this time they focus on the famous city, Las Vegas. They cover various topics as well as inform listeners about the latest news in the area.

99% CRAPS 

Evident from the name of the podcast, it focuses on the game CRAPS and features two craps players. They talk about tips and give advice to listeners.

There are hundreds of podcasts out there, some of them talking about casinos one way or another. At the end of the day, you’ll have to rely on your needs such as what game you badly need to learn, or if you’re looking for tips or just news.

Why Should You opt for Mobile Casino Games in the US?

opt mobile casino 710x335 - Why Should You opt for Mobile Casino Games in the US?

Technology is advancing and it’s taking over some of the biggest industries in the world. There are companies looking forward to these innovations as it may bring them profit, and the casino industry is no exception.

As the competition becomes harsher, you’ll see casino companies coming up with better ideas. One of such ideas is mobile casino games.

With the introduction of these games, people were able to play on the go and so much more rather than going to Las Vegas for the best casinos.

Here we look at other benefits of playing on mobile casino games considering the legalities in the US.

Fresh Air

When playing mobile games, you usually get more comfortable since you can lie down, sit on your couch, or do whatever you want instead of just sitting all day staring at your desktop.

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You can even play your game while waiting for your lunch to get cooked, or anytime you’re waiting at that.

Managing Your Money Easily

When you play casino games with your desktop through casino sites, you will have to withdraw your money through a complicated process. An example is creating a PayPal account and transferring to that, then transferring from PayPal to your bank account.

With a mobile casino app, you don’t have to go through a mediator. You can directly withdraw to your bank account instantly.


Of course, let’s not forget about the convenience of being able to play casino games wherever you are, whenever you want. This is depending on preference though because some players prefer playing on a desktop because it’s more exciting for them.

However, it’s found that most people tend to prefer mobile games.

Safety and Security

One of the main issues of playing on gambling sites is that people doubt the security that the site can offer. After all, websites are independent and there are lots of them that aren’t regulated by any agency.

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You may encounter viruses that will cause your computer to crash, delete files, and more. Your personal information, especially your banking details, can be bypassed and used without your consent.

However, since mobile applications are regulated by App Stores, you can expect that there will be no malicious intent from these apps.


Sometimes, casino sites can be overcomplicated. There might be games that are difficult to master, and you have to learn the instructions yourself. You might also find too many buttons on your screen after entering the site.

With a mobile app, you’ll find that it’s much, much simpler than casino sites as there are instructions as well as a clean and simple design.

Money on the Go

Lastly, you can earn money on the go with mobile casino games. You don’t have to wear a fashionable suit to earn money.

This is what The Portable Gamer is all about – casino games that are portable making it easier for gamers to do what they want, whatever it may be, whenever they want, wherever they are.

These 6 Apps Offer Gamblers a Way to Earn Money in the US

offers to earn money 330x220 - These 6 Apps Offer Gamblers a Way to Earn Money in the US

using your computer is better. But earning money on the go is the best.]

There are times when you just want to win or earn money without going anywhere. You just have to pick up your phone and you’re good to go, but is it really that simple?

Here we look at six of the best iPhone casino apps that will offer gamblers a chance to win big on the go.

Unibet Casino

Unibet Casino brings users the Vegas experience that you can only get on this app. They have a collection of quality casino games that every Casino fan should at least try once. There are over 250 mobile casino games that will keep you going, although they specialize in their slot games.

Betway Casino: Slots & Games

When it comes to earning money through mobile games, Betway Casino is the way to go considering that it’s one of the giants in the online gambling industry. As a result, you’ll find that their bonuses are off the charts compared to other mobile casino games.

Betfair Casino and Roulette

Betfair Casino and Roulette is one of the top-notch gambling apps there is that you can access for free on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices. You can win real money through casino games and there are demo games as well.


Another big name when it comes to the mobile online gambling industry is 888Casino and it’s also similar to Betfair Casino and Roulette in the way that you can access it using your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

There are a variety of games that you can play for real money. Plus, they offer a deposit bonus. is a great casino app to get started with gambling in casinos to earn money. This is because they offer exclusive bonuses and it’s available on iOS and Android devices. It’s so great that you can check their ratings and see 4.9 out of 5.

There are 120 mobile casino games with both real money and demo versions.

William Hill Vegas

Lastly, if you want to play jackpot Slots and table games, William Hill Vegas is another great app.  However, if you’re looking for a roulette game to play on your phone, don’t look for anything else besides this app.

These are six of the best apps for gamblers looking to earn money on the spot. There are times when you can be depressed due to the loss you’re getting.However, you should remember that gambling is gambling, and if you want to increase your winning chances, you may check out casino podcasts for tips and advice.

Upcoming Mobile Casino Games to Look Forward This 2019

mobile casino 330x220 - Upcoming Mobile Casino Games to Look Forward This 2019

Hanging out at the casino is fun and enjoyable, but it’s not always the case for certain people. Perhaps you don’t have the time or money to enjoy your time.

There are limitations when it comes to land-based casinos such as locations, or the crowd. Either way, you’ll have a hard time to go there if you’re not free.

This is why mobile games were introduced – so you can play anywhere you are and whenever you like. The casino industry was affected by this innovation, too.

And this year, there are many apps that will be coming out. So, in this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the upcoming mobile casino games that you should look forward to this year.

Lucky Win Casino

Lucky Win Casino is already a very popular casino app since the announcement of the release. There are tons of different casino games featured such as Slots and there are also a ton of card games as well.

There are tournaments so you can win prizes, as well as daily refreshes if you run out of chips.

Slotman 2019

Slotman 2019 is another popular casino app that has lots of fun casino games. In fact, you’ll find 70 games, and that only belongs to the slots category. You can get 5,000,000 coins after registering that you can use for free.

You can earn or buy after you lose all of them, though. What I liked about it is that they add casino games weekly so you won’t get bored of playing the same game over and over again.

Jackpot Party Casino

With Jackpot Party Casino, you can download any game you like from their collection. You can also opt for slot games and get free 6,000,000 bonus coins instantly to play with. You can win big in the game with real cash and other prizes.

There are many themes in their collection of slot games such as mythology, animals, celebrities, and more.

Full House Casino

As the name suggests, Full House Casino is what you can call a full-house when it comes to different casino games. Although they make their collection as varied as possible, they specialize in Slots, but they also have great poker-style card games.

GSN Grand Casino

GSN Grand Casino is different from the rest of this list as it primarily deals with games involving slots and video poker. However, they also mix in unique games and one example of such games is their video bingo.

If anything, you’ll be sucked into their wide-variety of unique games and you’ll find 70 levels of content that you can browse.

Blackjack 21 HD

I think there’s no introduction needed for Blackjack 21 HD as it is already one of the popular games in the app store, and this is only one of their new versions. It features, of course, Blackjack so if you want to play this classic game, this app is for you.

These are six of the upcoming mobile casino games this 2019. While the developers of some of these casino games aren’t that popular, they’ll sure be when these games come out. There are different types of games to be found here.At the end of the day, you just have to rely on your preference to choose from this list of great casino apps.

10 App Recommendations for Listening to Casino Podcasts

listening podcast 330x220 - 10 App Recommendations for Listening to Casino Podcasts

If you tried listening to podcasts at least once, you should know that there is valuable info you can get from just listening. A casino is not an exception.

You can also learn more about casinos if you listen to certain podcasts. But before looking for the podcast channels, it should already be common knowledge that there are hundreds if not thousands of apps that allow you to listen to podcasts.

That means you need to know which app is the best, and which are not worth your time. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at ten of our recommendations when it comes to listening to podcasts about casinos.

Free Android Apps

postID8 android app 300x200 - 10 App Recommendations for Listening to Casino Podcasts


RadioPublic doesn’t require any registration or login. There’s also a feature allowing for offline listening. The developer has excellent customer support as well.


While Castbox is one of the newest podcast apps there is, they’ve already collected positive reviews. They also won “best of” awards before. It’s no surprise considering that they have lots of features in their app.


With the Stitcher app, you can search for episodes and not just the entire podcast. It also allows users to create playlists as well as listen to news and many more feature.

Free iOS Apps

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Castaway 2

Castaway allows you to stream podcast episodes individually just like Stitcher. You can also adjust the playback rate and get notified for new episodes.

Castro 3

Castro 3 helps you search for new episodes as well as archive and queue each of them. You can also use the night mode for preference.


Overcast is a typical podcast app, except there are some features that are extremely helpful, such as volume boost as well as playlist reordering and filtering.

Paid Android Apps


Podkicker already has over 50,000 downloads along with 4,000 reviews. It costs $1.49 and you’ll find the majority of people like it. There’s also a feature where you can add your own RSS feed.

Paid iOS Apps


iCatcher Podcast Player is a podcast app that allows you to download and listen to episodes without internet. You can use an iPhone or iPad for the app as well as an Apple Watch app. It costs $2.99 on iOS devices.


Another great paid podcast app for iOS where you can listen to casino advice and news is Downcast, which costs $2.99 on iOS. It supports iPad, Apple Watch, as well as CarPlay. You can also opt for the macOS version for only $4.99.


Lastly, you can choose PodCruncher, a paid podcast app available on iOS. So far, it’s the most expensive app that we liked costing $3.99. It boasts unmatched playback control including speed, view, sleep timer, and more.

These are the ten podcast apps I recommend to our readers here at The Portable Gamer. There are different variations with multitudes of features, including paid and free apps.