10 App Recommendations for Listening to Casino Podcasts

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If you tried listening to podcasts at least once, you should know that there is valuable info you can get from just listening. A casino is not an exception.

You can also learn more about casinos if you listen to certain podcasts. But before looking for the podcast channels, it should already be common knowledge that there are hundreds if not thousands of apps that allow you to listen to podcasts.

That means you need to know which app is the best, and which are not worth your time. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at ten of our recommendations when it comes to listening to podcasts about casinos.

Free Android Apps

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RadioPublic doesn’t require any registration or login. There’s also a feature allowing for offline listening. The developer has excellent customer support as well.


While Castbox is one of the newest podcast apps there is, they’ve already collected positive reviews. They also won “best of” awards before. It’s no surprise considering that they have lots of features in their app.


With the Stitcher app, you can search for episodes and not just the entire podcast. It also allows users to create playlists as well as listen to news and many more feature.

Free iOS Apps

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Castaway 2

Castaway allows you to stream podcast episodes individually just like Stitcher. You can also adjust the playback rate and get notified for new episodes.

Castro 3

Castro 3 helps you search for new episodes as well as archive and queue each of them. You can also use the night mode for preference.


Overcast is a typical podcast app, except there are some features that are extremely helpful, such as volume boost as well as playlist reordering and filtering.

Paid Android Apps


Podkicker already has over 50,000 downloads along with 4,000 reviews. It costs $1.49 and you’ll find the majority of people like it. There’s also a feature where you can add your own RSS feed.

Paid iOS Apps


iCatcher Podcast Player is a podcast app that allows you to download and listen to episodes without internet. You can use an iPhone or iPad for the app as well as an Apple Watch app. It costs $2.99 on iOS devices.


Another great paid podcast app for iOS where you can listen to casino advice and news is Downcast, which costs $2.99 on iOS. It supports iPad, Apple Watch, as well as CarPlay. You can also opt for the macOS version for only $4.99.


Lastly, you can choose PodCruncher, a paid podcast app available on iOS. So far, it’s the most expensive app that we liked costing $3.99. It boasts unmatched playback control including speed, view, sleep timer, and more.

These are the ten podcast apps I recommend to our readers here at The Portable Gamer. There are different variations with multitudes of features, including paid and free apps.

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