It’s important for both casino sites and players to understand the legalities in the US when it comes to online gambling.

Since 2006 after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was declared, the way US players access online casino sites were massively changed.

In fact, you’ll find that almost all gambling companies that operate in other countries are glad to accept US players, as they comprise the majority of their users.

Limited Access Results to More Scamming

However, due to the aforementioned act, offshore gambling companies now have limited access and restrictions to the players from the US. However, since this is the internet we’re talking about, offshore gambling of US players still occurs.

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Since offshore gambling companies are no longer regulated by the act, you’ll find that there’s an increase in scam occurrences.

Legal Actions of UIGEA

So, the UIGEA limited offshore gambling companies, but how?

They made some serious changes in different industries to make online gambling more limited. Many organizations in the banking industry now reject payment processes when it comes to the gambling industry.

UIGEA itself made the penalties for the payment of gambling funds higher so offshore gambling companies will have a hard time profiting from players’ funds. Many legal actions were made to limit and restrict the activity of offshore gambling companies and gamblers alike.

Safe and Secure Gambling

Scamming is getting more and more common. It is important for you to look for resources that depend on solid data to judge how legitimate a casino app or site is.

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