The Abyss is a dangerous place. It’s full of dark and twisted creatures that will stop at nothing to kill you.

But don’t let that scare you off; the Abyss is also home to some of the most powerful rewards in the game. If you’re brave enough to venture into its depths, follow this guide to make sure you come back out alive!

Epic Seven Abyss Guide

The abyss is a dark and dangerous place, home to all sorts of fearsome creatures. It’s said that the abyss was created when the gods destroyed a great evil, and ever since then it has been a place of terror and mystery.

For those who dare to enter, epic seven abyss guide is your best friend!

Using the guidelines laid down in this article, even a novice adventurer can traverse the twisting passages of the abyss and emerge with valuable treasure.

It is important to note that traversing the abyss is fraught with danger – many who have attempted it never returned. For those brave souls who wish to try, epic seven abyss guide is a necessity.

The Abyss consists of three primary areas: the surface, the tunnels and the rooms. The Surface area is randomly generated when you enter it for each floor in which you may find monster nests or crystals that can be mined for resources.

On deeper floors this will become a much more efficient source of resources than hunting through the corridors. Monster nests will usually contain a few minor items and often one or two quests that can be taken back to town for some extra experience and rewards.

Crystals tend to yield more valuable loot and give greater XP bonuses when turned in, but they cannot be taken back to town with you so if you see one, make sure to grab it!

The Tunnels are what you’ll spend the majority of your time in while traversing the abyss. They’re a collection of dark and winding passages that can be treacherous if not navigated properly.

The tunnels are sectioned off into different levels, with each level containing a set of rooms. There are also a few random tunnels that will lead to dead ends or dangerous rooms.

These can often be more dangerous than the standard rooms, so it’s usually best not to explore them unless you’re in need of a quick escape.

The Rooms are what you’ll find at the end of most Tunnels and represent smaller instances within the abyss. However, there is no set number of rooms that will appear in the abyss – it’s completely random.

Rooms can contain anything from a few minor mobs to a difficult boss battle. There are also a few rare rooms that will offer great rewards if conquered.

The Dangers of the Abyss

Upon entering the abyss most players are immediately struck by how dark it is. Dark tunnels are never a good sign, especially when you have no idea what’s lurking behind them – or above them for that matter.

The darkness is not the only danger within the abyss though – there are traps, difficult mobs and even some terrifying bosses to be wary of.

If you plan on venturing into the abyss, epic seven abyss guide contains all of the information you need to make it out alive.

How to prepare for your journey?

Now that you’ve decided to enter the dangerous world of the abyss, it’s time to pack your bags! Make sure that before heading into the tunnels you have the right gear to help you survive.


As you’ve read, epic seven abyss guide can give even a rookie adventurer a fighting chance against the dangers of the abyss.

With the proper gear and this guide by your side, you should be able to make it out alive!