Mermaid Show has been out for a long time, but its secrets are still being uncovered.Merfolk were everywhere on the internet, talking about Mermaid Show episode by episode. There was only one topic that had not come up before: what happens to your personal notes?Although Mermaid Show is free to play, it isn’t without some costs. You need to spend money if you want to buy the Mermaid Show premium membership and skip the ads and download new episode and content faster. It costs $8 a month, but it isn’t like there was only one way to get that money back.

Mermaid show secret note

Merfolk have been collecting “notes” from episode 1, and it will catch up with their progress in future episodes.

What are those notes? What do they do? Are they a timer for an upcoming event? A new feature? Or maybe a hint to solving the mystery of Mermaid Show ? These questions could easily be answered by players who had already played episode 2, or players who had collected all of the notes by that point.

  • What are secret notes again?

Merfolk were still curious. Players wanted to know what this note was for and how it worked. They waited until they got through with episode 7, finally! Then they found out the answer. Mermaid Show developers had included a small secret note icon in the corner of the episode selection screen. The players who looked closely and carefully saw this and clicked on it, and saw something magical: their collected notes didn’t disappear!

Players clicked on the note button again and again with delight, but after they collected all of their episodes’ secrets, nothing happened. However, players gained access to a new kind of note: a secret note that did not disappear once it was collected. The secret notes were still there until the player had noticed the icon and clicked on it.

Following things to know before we go on

1) Episode 1’s note is a blank piece of paper with the word “Notes”. On episode 2, another small piece of paper would appear under Episode 1. This will continue until Episode 7, when there will be seven notes.

2) If you collect these pieces of paper together in a book and open it… a button will appear!

3) If you click this button, the episode’s secret note will be displayed.

4) From Episode 2 to 7 , there is a new piece of paper under each note, and all the notes disappear when you collect them (although it takes some time). But… if you open your book to see Episode 1’s secret once, Episode 7’s note will remain, and the other notes would not disappear.

5) If you click on Episode 1’s secret one more time after that, all of your collected notes will be lost; they disappear in a puff of smoke!

6) When you reach Episode 8 , all seven notes from Episodes 1-7 will be turned into smoke and the situation will be reset.

Mermaid Show is an anime series about a girl who wants to join a mermaid show because she loves the sea. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems, and she has a lot of obstacles to overcome before she gets her wish. Mermaid Show is a very cool anime for little mermaid fans. It has a good plot, and the mermaids are very cute. I recommend it for ages 5-15.

Mermaid Show also has nine episodes, but it’s free to play (Do you like anime? You’d love this game! How about watching some of these animes too?)

Click here for the secret that happened when all seven notes were collected. You can also read a little bit about the mermaids here. Mermaid Show is a very good anime, so if you haven’t watched it yet, I hope you will enjoy it!