Shindo codes are a new form of life philosophy. They come from the Japanese author Shindo Hikaru, whose most famous work is “Watashi no seishun” (My youth), written in 1957 and published as an anime series called Watashi-tachi no Yamato or Our Yamato.

The story, written in colloquial Japanese, describes the life of an ordinary man. Using the pen name Shindo Hikaru, he has since written several books on self-development which are very popular in Japan. He claims that anyone can achieve happiness if they follow his rules. His philosophy is based on two main themes: to be happy with simple things and to live a life of love. This article tries to summarise his advice and how you can learn from it.

Shindo wiki codes

shindo wiki codes are a set of guidelines that help you live by the best way of life. This set is a simplified version of his more complete guide, so it will only briefly describe the most important lessons you need to learn in order to live happily. You can find out more about these rules by reading his works. The rules are not written as imperatives but rather as guiding principles for self improvement.

1.The first code is to be happy with what you have

Shindo thinks that the best way to be happy is not to want too much.

People often suffer because they choose an ideal, try to obtain it and then find out that it does not make them happy. Shindo Hikaru says that you should be content with what you already have, stop chasing after ideals and learn  to appreciate what you already have. He suggests that you should try to eliminate greed, but if it’s hard for you then learn to limit yourself with something that is enough.

2.The second code is to not compare yourself to others

The human mind is designed to compare things and so we tend to measure ourselves against other people. This can create a feeling of lack or even jealousy. By trying to be “better than others” we only hurt ourselves. Shindo says that you should not place yourself above anyone else, just do your best and forget about the rest.

3.The third code is to always do your best

This is an important rule: always try to do your best and never give up. Shindo suggests that you should not compare yourself with other people, but he does say that you should become better than who you were yesterday. You can improve simply by trying harder, even if you only make small steps. Just keep going!

4.The fourth code is never give up on your dreams

Shindo says that it is important to always do your best and try to improve. However, he also suggests that you should not be too tied up trying to achieve your dreams either. When things don’t go as you want them to, learn from the lesson and move on. What matters most is that you keep improving yourself and never give up.

5.The fifth and final rule in shindo wikis codes is don’t let anyone take away your happiness, even if they’re family or friends

Shindo says that often people try to take our happiness away. They might do this by saying mean things, trying to make you feel guilty or persuading you to do something that will damage your life and dreams. The best defence is not to react or argue with them too much, but rather ignore what they say and keep doing what you want. This is the only way you can protect your happiness.

As you can see, Shindo Hikaru’s rules are based on being content with what you have and not letting other people take away your happiness. We all have the potential to be happy inside us, but it’s up to us whether we choose to follow these principles or not.