The latest Destiny 2 DLC, Curse of Osiris, includes a new activity called Lost Sectors. These are areas that spawn randomly within the game world and can be found on the map. The problem is that there are no clues given to the player about these sectors except for a small hint that they may be inside buildings or caves. This guide will show how to find them with ease!

The first thing you do is go to the Titan Lost Sector location on your map and you will see three possible locations where it could spawn. Go to one of these locations, kill all enemies in sight and then if there was no Lost Sector spawn, move across the bridge to another location and repeat this process until you find it.

Lost sector tangled shore – How to Access

Hello and welcome to the lost sector of Tangled Shore. This guide will describe the location and explore the secrets you can find there.

The Lost Sector is located on Nessus, a planetoid in the outer solar system. The Lost Sector is a place that was once inhabited by the early Pre-Golden Age civilization of Humanity. It was abandoned due to unknown reasons and has been full of wild creatures since then.

The first thing we need to do is locate an entrance into this area. We can find one by going to Nessus and making sure our Ghost has unlocked all waypoints on Nessus, including Watcher’s Grave at X:2700 Y:14500 Z:750). Head northwest from Watcher’s Grave towards a large red building, which will have various entrances scattered around the building. We will be entering from the top floor of this building, so find a doorway and enter it.

Once we are inside, we need to progress through the hallway and make sure not to die because if we do, we will lose our chance at stopping whatever evil is going on here! Keep running until you see a blueish force field door on your left, open the door and head into the stairwell. Upon entering the stairwell, you can see that there is a hidden floor with crates on it. This is an important secret because some of the crates contain Glimmer! Explore this area until you are comfortable with exploring all possible secrets in this lost sector.

Once you are done exploring, head down the hallway and up some stairs. Keep going until you see some water below! You may want to go into first person mode here, because it is really hard to see where exactly your jumps will land. Walk towards the edge of the walkway on top of the tower you entered through. Make sure to aim for the white light in the distance, as it is the entrance to the Lost Sector.

Congratulations, you have found the lost sector of Tangled Shore! Now it’s time to explore and find all of the secrets it has to offer. Good luck!

The Rewards You’ll Get From the Lost Sector of Tangled Shore

With the new Lost Sectors from the Tangled Shore, you will be able to find rewards that are as good as those from any other Lost Sector.

The rewards you’ll get from the Tangled Shore’s Lost Sector will be as good as those from any other Lost Sector. This is because they have taken a lot of care to make sure that this sector doesn’t fall short of anything – not even in terms of loot.


Tangle Shore is a game that was developed by Klei Entertainment and released in August 2016. It is an adventure game which takes place in the fictional region of Tangles Shore. Story’s mission is to find out what happened to the village of Tangle Shore after it became tangled in the shoreline. The player needs to find out if their friends are still alive, and if not, take care of them with honor.