There is nothing more terrifying than being chased by a mysterious, nebulous thing that appears briefly in your peripheral before disappearing again. The feeling of impending doom is palpable as you frantically try to work out what it was. Was it even real? It seems to have vanished before you could get a good look at it, but you still get the feeling you will see it again.

Be aware of this feeling, for if you hear the skittering of claws against bark or stone, run. Run as fast and as far away as you can. And hope that whatever was chasing you does not take you down in its rush to feast on your flesh and bones.

Light armor mod skyrim

Light armor mod skyrim is a sleek, sexy and very stylish take on the standard fantasy RPG’s breastplate-and-fantasy armour. It does away with the old shield and bashing your opponent in the face with a pointy stick in favour of parrying attacks and counter attacking with quick lunges. This allows for much more exciting combat than the standard fare, and will hopefully let you delve deeper into your bag of tricks than just spamming power attacks.

The mod is compatible with both heavy and light armours, which allows for some interesting hybrid builds. I personally enjoy mixing in some light armour to act as a buffer between my fleshy bits and various monsters of Skyrim. However, do not be fooled into thinking this means you can run around in a bikini. The game is very brutal and will punish you severely if you neglect armour entirely.

  • Breakdown

The breakdown of the light armor mod skyrim consists of leather, suede and cloth armours with class-specific sets for each character type. There are five different materials that are used to forge armours. These are mithril, orichalcum, ebony, dragonbone and daedric. Mithril is the lowest tier material which will provide you with very basic armour sets in novice dungeons. Orichalcum is slightly better than mithril but still can only be found in novice dungeons. Ebony can be found in expert areas and provides a much greater protection than the previous two. Dragonbone is only available in legendary areas and is by far the best material for light armour, providing high defence values with very low encumbrance. Daedric is the highest tier material available at the moment, being able to be crafted at the forge after 30 points in smithing. This material offers the highest defence values, but comes with a substantial encumbrance penalty due to its weight.

Tips for using light armor mod skyrim

This mod offers the player quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to use. Players can mix and match pieces to suit their build, or deviate from convention completely by using only light armour if they wish. If you are an alchemist then I would not recommend trying to fight any enemies that are much higher level than yourself unless you are a tanky build. If you’re a rogue then taking on mobs higher level than yourself is going to be difficult due to your low armour rating. A warrior will fair much better, but it’s still not recommended that you fight anything too tough without some heavy armour pieces added in for good measure.

All of these problems can be solved by using a good variety of armour pieces. Make sure you have at least one heavy and one light piece equipped, as well as a helmet. This will let you absorb most small hits from enemies while still being able to get in your own attacks. If you want to get more exotic then try adding some shields into the mix for additional defence against ranged attacks.

This mod is made by the real great modder, v3nd3tt46 , who also put in many hours of work. This modification changes the graphics and interface elements of your game. When you copy this modification into your game you will get new options to choose different kinds of outfits or equipment for your character. You can use this modification to even change the outfit of your favourite NPC if you want, so that you may play with different kinds of equipment in your game.