We all know how hard it is to master a game with so many different mechanics and strategies. How you want to feel like a champion and beat the game as fast as possible with little to no effort, and without too much time invested. As such, we’re going to share our top five weapons that will help you level up your character’s strength stat in Dark Souls 3!

The  best strength weapons in Dark Souls 3

1. Black Knight Greataxe

The Black Knight Greataxe is a weapon that excels at sheer power and is effective against armored and heavily-armored foes. It features health absorption with every strike for its wielder, meaning you can absorb the health of your enemies as you battle them.

2. Smelter Sword

The Smelter Sword is a blacksmithing weapon that has an opportunity to inflict toxins on enemies. This opportunity not only extends to humanoids, but any creature it strikes will be afflicted by the toxic status ailment – greatly reducing their defenses and making it easier for you to land more blows without fear of retaliation!

3. Abyss Hammer

The Abyss Hammer is a weapon that excels at horizontal or downward swings against opponents. It features a unique mechanic where you can charge the attack to do more damage, but this also increases your stamina consumption. If you’re looking for a heavy-hitting weapon that’s easy to control but takes some getting used to, the Abyss Hammer is an excellent choice!

4. Gargoyle Flame Hammer

The Gargoyle Flame Hammer is a weapon that specializes in dealing with foes using large weapons and shields. It also does bonus damage to enemies carrying the Deep Protection pyromancy, making it easy for you to feel these tough opponents with a single blow!

5. Dragon Tooth

Dragon Tooth is an ultra greatsword that is very powerful against dragons. This weapon has the unique property of inflicting scales on Knights of the Nine who are struck by it, instantly reducing their armor rating by 25%.

Top strategies for leveling up in Dark Souls 3

As you’re leveling up your character in Dark Souls 3, you’ll need to make the most of every piece of equipment and weapon at your disposal. There are many different ways to level your character’s strength stat, so here are our best tips for reaching the goal with minimal time invested.

Carry out an invade

If you’re looking for an easy way to level up your character’s strength stat in Dark Souls 3, then carrying out an invade is the best strategy. Invading players with high HP allows you to kill them, therefore leveling up your own character’s stats. This can be carried out by selecting “Blue Eye Orb” from the menu before accessing the game world

How to get the best weapons

To get the best weapons in Dark Souls 3, you’ll need to know how to upgrade a weapon at a blacksmith. This requires a few components from different enemies, which can be sold to merchants for souls. The most basic way to upgrade a weapon is by using normal titanite, which can be found near fallen foes or by defeating them with your own weapons. You’ll also find cursed and light titanite near the same places – these are more powerful than normal titanite, but also have drawbacks.

You should always prioritize upgrading a weapon when it’s available for use – this will reduce the amount of normal titanite you need.


The best strength weapons in Dark Souls 3 are the Black Knight Greataxe, Smelter Sword, Abyss Hammer, Gargoyle Flame Hammer and Dragon Tooth. These weapons excel at different types of combat styles to help you level up your character’s strength stat with minimal time invested. There are many ways to carry out this goal – try invading other players or upgrading a weapon when it becomes available for use. As always, remember that what is most important is enjoying yourself while playing!