DS3 Thief Build

Dark Souls 3 is a third-person action role-playing game (RPG) developed by From Software and published by Bandai Namco Games. The Dark Sould 3 Thief Build is not the traditional build of the standard thief class, but rather a build that duels and scales well with a large number of weapons in full loot mode.

Builds are the best way to focus on specific aspects of the game for those who want to do something different and better. There are many ways to build your character in DS3, and the Thief is no exception.

The DS3 Thief Build can be used as a hybrid melee and ranged fighter or as a pure melee fighter. The key to this build is gaining enough stats to use the best weapons in the game. This means that you will need to concentrate on builds that give you a lot of dexterity and intelligence.

Weapons: The Dark Souls 3 Thief Build

The weapons you will want to use with the DS3 Thief Build are dual wielding swords, ultra greatswords, or spears. You can also use a bow and arrows but your damage output will be much lower. Your end goal weapon will be a pair of Washing Pole Swords.

Stats: The Dark Souls 3 Thief Build

To use the best weapons in DS3, you must have stats that put your character above the soft/hard caps for each stat on those weapons. This requires a lot of grinding and some soul farming as well as enough levels to get enough points. You will need:

-Level 40 for the weapons. The only way to reach this level is to farm over 600,000 souls and then use them on leveling up.

-30+ Dexterity and 30+ Intelligence to hit the soft caps on the weapons you are using. These stats are in addition to 50 in Faith or 40 in ADP so 50 for Faith and 3o for ADP should be enough.

-Max estus flask because you will need health and endurance to fight the biggest bosses so 10 or 12 flasks should do it.

-30+ Hardening and 30+ Adept to hit the hard caps on the Washing Pole Swords. This will give you a total of +240 AR and 240 Fire Damage.

-A shield with high stability to block melee and ranged attacks from enemies. The best shields for this are the Dragon Crest Shield or the Eagle Shield.

The Dark Souls 3 Thief Build is versatile, powerful, and fun to play. With this build, you can take on the hardest bosses in the game with relative ease.

How to Optimize Your DS3 Thief Build

This build is the only one you should use in the current meta. It has decent defensive stats, but it also has enough damage to kill enemies quickly.

To get the most out of this build, you will want to:

-Max out your dexterity and intelligence for better damage and scaling.

-Put points into Hardening and Adept so that you can hit the hard caps on all your weapons. This will give you a lot of AR and fire damage.

-Use a shield with high stability so that you can block attacks without having to dodge roll.

-Use a fast weapon like the Washing Pole Sword or dual wielding swords because your damage output will be much better than it would be with slower weapons.

-Max out estus flasks for more health and endurance.

Thief Builds in Dark Souls 3 are very versatile, but this is the only build you should use if you want to optimize your character. The only way to play DS3 at its highest level is using this specific build or a variation of it.

Final thoughts on the ds3 thief build:

The ds3 thief build revolves around using maxed out ds3 builds with high mobility and mobility-boosting skills like phoenix shot and shadow dodge. This build maximizes speed so that enemies are dead ,