Introduction: What is a Controller?

A controller (also known as a player) is a player of the game in the world at war.Controllers have different roles within the game and each role has different objectives that need to be accomplished. The most common roles are as follows:

– A fighter who uses melee weapons and guns to fight enemies on land, sea, or air.

– An engineer who uses their abilities to build defenses and destroy enemy bases.

– A spy who uses their abilities to gain intelligence on enemy movements and sabotage them with secret missions.

– A medic who uses their abilities to heal and revive teammates.

How to Use the Controller on World At War PC

The controller is a gamepad device that is often used for playing games. In this article, I will be showing you the best way to use the controller in World At War on PC.World At War can be played with a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad. If you have a gamepad, it is best to map specific buttons to each of the game’s functions like movement, shooting and so on. If you don’t have a gamepad and would like to use your keyboard and mouse, then the rest of this article will show you how.

Steps: How to Use a Controller on World at War for PC

1. With your keyboard and mouse plugged in, open up Steam and click on the controller icon as shown in figure 1. You can also go to ‘Settings’ from within the Steam client and change your controller settings there as well.

2. In the Steam controller settings, In the ‘Basic’ tab, check that Rumble is turned on and also check that Steam created a profile for your controller.

3. Go back to the main menu in Steam and select World at War as shown in figure 2. Note: if World at War isn’t listed in your library, then simply open Steam and click ‘Add A Game.’

4. The game will start to install. This should take about 1 minute if you have a fast connection or several hours if you don’t.

5. Double-click on World at War to start playing the game as shown in figure 6.

6. Once you are in the game, choose your controller layout (I use ‘Gamepad with high precision aiming’) and make sure that mouse steering is turned off as shown in figure 7. If you want to, you can change your key bindings as well.

7. Feel free to play the game now and practice aiming and moving around with your controller as shown in figure 9 or simply leave the game open if you wish.

8. When done, simply go back to Steam and click ‘Play’ as shown in figure 10.

What are the Best Tip For Playing with a Game Controller on World At War on PC?

The World At War has a myriad of difficulty settings for players to choose from. Here are some of the best tips you can follow to play with a controller on World At War on PC.

Some found that playing WW2 with a gamepad was extremely difficult at first. This is because WW2 has an extensive list of control settings and presets for different types of players. These settings vary depending on the player’s skill level and experience with the game.

The best way to start is by looking at the range of control options present in-game. You can choose between preset controls like Mouse and Keyboard, or even custom controls you create yourself!


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