Some of the game commands in Subnautica are built for more experienced players while some others are simple.

It’s up to you as a player to experiment and test out what works for you, but this article will give you an idea of which ones may work better for beginners or those who want something they can do without too much trial and error involved.

Terminology in Subnautica can be really confusing when you’re new to game commands, but if you stick with it then the game becomes easier to comprehend.

Keep in mind that each command has different uses and some aren’t meant for what they sound like they should do, so experiment!

Useful Game Commands:

God Mode – Admin [player]: This is a great command that allows you to essentially cheat in the game. Enable it by typing “admin” followed by the player name of the person you want to have God Mode on.

This will let them survive any situation, regardless of how dire it may seem.

Toggle PDA – PDA: This command toggles the PDA on and off. When it’s off, you won’t be able to see your inventory or the map.

Toggle HUD – H: This command does the same thing as the Toggle PDA command, but it turns off the heads-up display instead.

Spawn Vehicle – V: Typing “V” followed by the name of the vehicle you want to spawn will do just that.

There are a few different vehicles that you can choose from, but be aware that some of them require energy to operate.

Give All Items – I: This command gives you all of the items in the game. It’s especially helpful when you’re starting out and need to gather resources quickly. Once you’ve gotten the hang of gathering and crafting, this command isn’t as useful. It’s still helpful to use when trying to get specific items though.

Toggle Creature Icons – C: This turns on and off the creature icons that pop up when there are creatures around you. If you’re not a fan of those little buggers, use this command to get rid of them.

Enable Debug String – #debug: This is one of the most helpful game commands when it comes to building in Subnautica.

If you’re not using it then you should start considering doing so if only for the time saver that it provides. Typing “#debug” will print a lot of helpful information in the console about your game.

Disable Sound – S: This is a great command to use if you’re trying to take screenshots or stream the game. It disables all sound except for the music, which can be really helpful when you’re trying to focus on something else.

how to use commands in subnautica

The god mode command is helpful to use if it’s enabled on a player and they’ve activated the admin command. This will allow them to survive any situation no matter how dire it may seem.

You can toggle the PDA, HUD and creature icons by typing in the appropriate command.

Toggle sound is also a great command for games like Subnautica because it will disable all sound except for the music which has been helpful when I’ve had to focus on something else while playing the game.


In Subnautica, there are various commands that can be used to help a player progress through the game.

Some of these commands have more uses than others and some may not work as well for newer players because they’re complex or too difficult without any prior experience with them.

Experimenting is key when it comes to finding out which ones work best for you, but if your goal is simply survival then “god mode” will do just fine.

If you want to explore the world around you instead of being bogged down by pesky creatures all the time, consider using Toggle Creature Icons so those little buggers don’t pop up on screen every five seconds!