A special attack is an attack that can be used after a certain amount of turns. They usually have a high level requirement and use up some of your mana points.

Special attacks require you to wield a weapon that has a special attack, as well as having the required magic level and other stats to use it. Some special attacks are unique to a certain weapon, while others are shared among different weapons.

How to use special attack runescape?

To use a special attack, you must first select it from your weapon’s special attacks menu. This is usually done by clicking the icon that looks like a cogwheel. You can then use it by pressing the associated hotkey, or selecting it from the battle menu and clicking ‘use’.

What are the different types of Special Attack on Runescape?

The first type of special attack is called a controlled special. Controlled specials require the player to click the ‘special attack’ button each time they want to use it. The amount of mana used for these type of specials is based on how powerful the attack was, and whether or not it actually hit the opponent. It is also worth noting that some weapons have a special attack that is activated automatically, without the need to click the button.

The second type of special attack is called an ultimate. These specials are very powerful and can often deal a lot of damage in a single hit. However, they also use up a large amount of mana, which can make them very costly to use. Ultimate attacks can only be used after a threshold bar is filled. This requires the player to deal damage and get hits in order to increase the bar before they can use it’s special attack.

The third type of special attack is called a threshold. These specials can be used at any time, though not at will. The player must wait a certain amount of turns in order to be able to use it.

Do special attacks in Runescape require adrenaline?

No, special attacks in runescape do not use up adrenaline. Some weapons may have an attack that can only be used after enough adrenaline is built up. These types of attacks are called ‘special’ attacks. However, they are not the same as the special attacks that we are discussing in this article.

What are some of the best Special Attacks on Runescape?

There are a lot of different special attacks on runescape, and it is hard to say which one is the best. That being said, some specials are definitely more powerful than others. Some of the most popular special attacks include the Saradomin Godsword’s special attack, Guthan’s set special, and the Dragonfire Shield’s special attack.

Do Special Attacks work in PVP?

Yes, Special Attacks work in both PVP and PvE environments. However, they may have different effects. For example, the Saradomin Godsword’s special attack will heal the opponent in PvE, but it does extra damage to other players in PVP.

Do Special Attacks work on Bosses?

Yes, many of the special attacks will work on bosses as well as monsters and other non-player characters. Some specials are specifically designed to work on bosses, while others may not be as effective. It really depends on the weapon and the special attack itself.


Special attacks are powerful attacks that can be used in Runescape. They typically have a high requirement, but can really help out in difficult battles. Special Attacks do not require adrenaline, but are used in much the same way. Some special attacks are better than others, and many players find that they become very useful once you get higher levels or better weapons.