The MLB The Show 21: Experience the ultimate in Baseball gameplay on your PlayStation 4 and play through thousands of baseball legends and players to win over 100 trophies and awards to unlock after every game.

What is MLB The Show 21?

If you are a fan of Baseball, you know the show. MLB The Show is back for its 21st year on Playstation 4. This series has been around since 1998 on PS1 before being shifted to PSP in 2005 and has returned to PS2 in 2006 until now on PS4. Following last year’s 20th Anniversary version that included a Hall of Fame mode, MLB The Show 21 is set to release on March 26th, 2020. Developer SIE San Diego Studio has been working on the game for over two years and this is their third version in the franchise.

How to slide in MLB The Show 21?

There is no one definitive way to slide in MLB The Show 21, but there are some basic tips that can help make your slide successful. First, make sure you time your slide correctly. You don’t want to slide too early or too late. Second, use the right amount of speed. If you go too fast, you might overrun the bag. If you go too slow, you might be tagged out. Also, make sure the slide is straight toward the bag and that your feet touch down first before putting any weight on the base.

1. Use Assist

If you are playing as a right handed batter, you can slide left and vice versa. This will make the fielder throw to the first base side because he thinks you will go to second. It also gives you more time to react should the ball be an easy catch.

2. Use Assist (Part 2)

This one is a little more advanced. If you are playing a right handed batter and the ball is hit to the third baseman, you can slide into first base. The third baseman will have to throw all the way across the diamond to get you and by then you will be safe.

3. Use Your Body

Your body is your best tool when sliding. You want to use it to shield the ball from the defender. If you can keep the ball away from the defender, you will increase your chances of being safe.

4. Use a Fake

A fake can also be a very effective way to slide safely into a base. If you can make the fielder think you are going to stop or go in a different direction, you can use that split second to get your momentum going toward the base.

5. Lean Back

If the ball is hit on a line and you are too close to safely slide into the bag, lean back like you are diving for it. This will let the fielder think that you are out of reach and he might throw right by you.

These are just a few basic tips to help you slide successfully in MLB The Show 21. Remember, the most important thing is to practice and get comfortable with the timing and techniques. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be sliding into bases like a pro in no time.


Having the slide is not the only way to get on base. But it’s one of the most exciting ways to steal a bag. If you are playing as a right handed batter, you can quickly keep your momentum going with some slides into first base. Remember that these tips will help make your slide successful and give yourself more time to react for a safe steal. As always, practice makes perfect so get out on the diamond and start practicing today!