Oftentimes, when we think of vampires we think about the fictitious creatures in novels and Halloween decorations. But this is only one type of vampire. There are many other types of vampires in folklore and these creatures date back to before Christ was born.

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The word ‘vampire’ is derived from the Slavonic term “vampir,” meaning blood-sucker. As such, they were considered to be evil spirits that preyed on humans for their life force, which was called “the dark gift.”

The Importance of Planning Your Attack against the Undead Threat

The most important part of slaying, is to plan your attack. A slayer should never take on a vampire with nothing but their fists or a wooden stake. To fight against the undead threat, you need to find the right weapon that will help you in slaying this monster.

We must understand that strategy is an important factor in slaying monsters. Along with weapons, there are different ways for slay-carers to capture vampires – including using stakes or garlic to immobilize them before finishing them off with a stake or decapitation by sword.

The Best Weapons for Killing Vampires in Old School Runescape

As a famous RPG, Runescape has a lot of weapons to slay the vampires. In the game, no matter what your combat level is, you can find a weapon suit to kill vampires. But if you want to kill them as fast as possible and be more successful, you should choose the best weapons for slaying vampires in Old School Runescape.

The main weapons that are used to slay vampires are Holy Wrench and Magic Secateurs. When your combat level is low, it seems that Holy Wrench is the best weapon for slaying vampires. But when it reaches higher levels, Magic Secateurs becomes a better choice because of its much higher attack speed and accuracy rate.

What You Should Know about Potions That Help Slayers Prepare For Battle

Vampirism causes a number of side effects, one of which is a lack of blood. The only way to cure vampirism is by drinking a potion that can potentially kill a human being. It is recommended that you drink this potion with caution and under the supervision of someone who knows what they are doing.

Vampire Slayer OSRS Guide

For players who are looking for help in getting better at their slayer, there are wide variety of tips and tricks that they can utilize in order to make the most out of their kills. The following are some of these tips and tricks that can be very helpful to intermediate players.

When it comes to Zulrah, the player should use the Void knight set because it is highly resistant to all his attacks. The player should also bring antipoison because he has a poison attack which is delivered by biting the player.

There are many ways to prepare for the fight against Vorkath, ranging from bringing an emergency teleport in case of emergencies, using Protect from Magic or Deflect magic instead of other prayers to counter the effects of his special attack or cornering themselves. However, no matter what methods are used, all players should always remember to have food that can heal them close by.


Vampires are a danger that has been known to walk among our society for centuries. Our society often forgets the damage that they can cause, and in response it’s important for all of us to arm ourselves with knowledge about how to defend ourselves against these undead creatures.