Roulette has been around for many years and has always been one of the most popular casino games. Few people know that roulette was invented long before it appeared in the casino. We are talking about a wooden wheel with a variety of cells and a small ball. Only closer to the 19th century did this wheel become part of the game that is known to everyone to this day. Let’s have a look at interesting facts about roulette.

Untitled design(484)Roulette and Literature

The famous writer Fyodor Dostoevsky in his youth, simply adored roulette. As a result, the game helped him write one of his most popular works, The Gambler. At the moment of a strong passion for the game, he lost a woman, who decided to choose a wealthier man instead of a casino-obsessed writer. Immediately after this, Dostoevsky began to write an outstanding novel. However, with the help of roulette, he never became rich.

Dostoevsky began to earn money from his works, and a few years after this incident, he met his future wife, whom he promised that he would never go to a gambling establishment again.

Roulette Strategies

Today, not a single strategy that is associated with the roulette table works perfectly. The fact is that there are no flaws in them because all tables are made on special machines with specific standards. This applies to different Roulette games equally. But at the end of the last century, the situation was different. Then the roulette was made by hand. An engineer from the UK, Billy Jaggers, understood this very well and decided to calculate in what situations the ball hits specific numbers. After several months of research, he succeeded and even tested his tactics in practice. One of the casinos in England that evening became $180,000 poorer. History is silent about Billy’s future, and it is not even known whether he reused the strategy, but the fact remains that when people made roulette, there were flaws in it.

The Clock is the Main Enemy

Regular visitors of casinos will pay attention to the fact that there is no clock in the room. Sometimes they are hung at the entrance to the building itself, but when a person reaches the gambling hall, you can forget about the clock. This is due to the fact that people lose touch with time. Casino owners deliberately remove the clock and, due to this, they get more profit from customers who sit at roulette for days.

Why is the clock an enemy of this particular game? Everything is very simple; it is the casino that wins more often than the player when compared with other gambling games. A few decades ago, they began to remove the clock in the casino from the halls with roulette, and this began to make a profit.

Most Successful Client

In 1974, one Italian managed to win a lot of money at roulette. He decided to hide his identity, and even the employees of the casino did not voice his name to anyone. In fact, it is still not even known whether it was a man or a woman. The majority supports the first option. That evening, the Italian took a whopping $1,920,000 from a casino in Monte Carlo. Since then, he has never been seen in a casino.

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Huge Prison Sentence

This is a rather scary fact because there is a real man who received a prison term of 28 years for not agreeing to repay casino debts. Terry Watanabe was an American media mogul who was madly in love with casinos. Most often, Watanabe spent time playing roulette; as a result, in 10 months, he lost more than $205,000,000 at the table. The most interesting thing is that, as it turned out, he had much less money. The man tried to pay the casino with fake checks and went to jail for it.