The betting world has become even more convenient now that bettors can access betting sites via their phones. However, knowing how to pay for your bets isn’t always easy. There are multiple options available, and it can be hard to know which method to trust.

Don’t worry; below, you can find some of the most convenient payment methods. They will help to make betting via your phone much easier.

Payment by Debit Card

One of the easiest ways to pay when betting via a phone is by debit card. As long as you have the card’s details stored online, making a payment should be easy. The money is usually transferred to a bettor’s online account fairly quickly, which is quite pleasing.

Payment by direct debit is not only easy but is a very secure method to use. So if an online casino or sportsbook does not offer this method, questions should be asked. Players should be aware that not every online casino offers withdrawals via debit card, and this is perfectly normal. It’s just a feature that the online casino in question has chosen not to offer. Many other withdrawal options tend to be available.

Payment by PayPal

The experts at claim that PayPal is one of the most reliable payment methods and is considered to be one of the most convenient and safest around. Those who like to spend time at online casinos should note that paying via PayPal is very easy. Payments can be made within an instant, and winnings can be withdrawn from an online casino without any problems.

Some online casinos don’t like the charges that PayPal has, but the charges are not that big. In addition to this, many bettors are happy to pay a fee, so they don’t have to give online casinos their bank details.

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Bank Transfers

Most online casinos will accept payments via bank transfer. While this payment method is by no means the fastest, it is hugely convenient. Bettors may find that this option is ideal when they want to deposit a large amount of money into their online betting account.

Bank transfers don’t usually come with many charges, if at all, and payments can take mere moments. Those who like to use bank transfers as a method of making payments may have to find an alternative method to withdraw cash. Most online casinos don’t offer bank transfers as a withdrawal option. Bettors should be prepared to use another withdrawal choice if they want to deposit cash this way.


Neteller is a well-known payment method, and it’s one that seems to be growing increasingly popular. Considered to be a type of e-wallet, Neteller offers similar services to PayPal.

Neteller has proven to be a hugely convenient payment method over time. Players can simply choose to pay using Neteller, and the money will be transferred from their bank account quickly.

One of the great things about using this method is that the online casino in question does not need a bettor’s bank details. Making this e-wallet quite safe.

Apple Pay

When Apple Pay first came into fruition, there was a little doubt cast about just how well it would work. As it turns out, this payment method is quite convenient and safe. Bettors will, of course, need to make sure that they are paying with an Apple device so that the payment works.

As long as bettors have money in their bank accounts, they can pay using this method. With the touch of a button, payments can be made easily and securely.

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The PaySafeCard

If privacy is a priority to you, the PaySafeCard is a good option to consider. This payment method is hugely convenient and is considered to be very easy to use. Bettors can add money to their online casino account by depositing cash onto their cards. Many stores allow people to make deposits this way, and they can do so without revealing their bank details


Bettors who want to use this option may have to find an alternate withdrawal method. However, paying using a PaySafeCard tends to be quick and easy.

As you can see, there are quite a few payment options available. Some are hugely convenient and can make betting online very easy. Bettors will need to submit their payment method’s account details before they can deposit cash. However, as soon as the details have been added, payments are very easy and convenient.