Augustine Miles Kelechi, or Tekno Miles is now known as one of the most well-known and talented Nigerian musicians in recent memory. He was a promising star when he made his debut around 2012. He was spotted by a popular comedian named Julius Agwu at an event who let him perform on stage.

In 2013, Tekno signed a recording contract with Made Men Music Group, where he released singles like ‘Dance’ and ‘Anything.’ Those singles got him to be nominated for the Best New Act of the Year at the 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards, but he made his breakthrough when he released his hit single ‘Duro’ in 2015.

That song managed to top the charts in Nigeria, and it even managed to break into the United States charts, which is huge for the foreign singer-songwriter Tekno Miles. He has already had a bright career, but he has an even brighter future with the trajectory that he is on. It also helps that he is not just a musician because he has also served as a brand ambassador for platforms like Bitcasino, a top-tier online casino and esports betting platform.

Now, let’s take a look into how Tekno rose to become one of the best Nigerian musicians.

Tekno Had a Good Foundation for his Music

Born into a family of six, Tekno was raised in Nigeria since his father was a member of the army. This entailed Tekno moving around the country, which meant that he did not have a permanent home. However, this has helped Tekno’s musical career because he has been a part of different cultures. This means that he can have many styles of music which is why he can blend in and out of his music.

Apart from the many influences on his music, Tekno also learned how to play pianos and guitars during his music school days. That was a good foundation for Tekno’s future because, with the lessons that he learned, he managed to implement them. With his experiences around the country, he managed to mix them all up with his music which was productive for him. His experiences were crucial to his musical identity, and he kept working on all aspects to become a fully-fledged artist.

He was not only a good musician, but he became a good songwriter as well. That is important to separate himself from the rest of the musicians in the country who just know how to sing and play instruments. Songwriting means that he is in charge of the song because he writes the lyrics and he creates the melodies for the songs. As he grew older, he became a much better overall artist because of his experiences in his life and the lessons he learned through the years.

Tekno Wants to be Diverse With His Musical Genres

While he mostly plays music in the Afrobeats genre, that is the right fit for him. He knows how to blend the Afrobeats vibe with his unique spin, which strengthens his lyricism. Since he is a producer, he should have a strong catalogue for his music because he has to diversify his art and not just stick with a single genre.

He has dabbled in hip-hop and R&B as well, which are accessible genres for people around the world who are not into Afrobeats. While he hasn’t dabbled into the other genres, you can tell that Tekno has the chops to thrive in other genres as well. His guitar and piano foundation means that he has tons of potential in other areas, which is huge for him because he can take his music to new heights and different directions.

This kind of range is important for an artist because he will not go stale when he feels that he needs to refresh his act. He always finds a way to balance the act of his foundation with the popular genres of today, which is commendable because he does a great job at doing so.

Tekno is Committed to Producing High-Quality Music

In 2020, Tekno released his debut album called Old Romance. That was a hotly anticipated project because he was releasing singles and EPs for a long while, which turned him into a top artist in Nigeria. With his debut album, it was met with acclaim because he released songs that were both fun to listen to and relevant.

Singer-songwriter Tekno Miles is constantly improving with every song that he makes. He knows that people like his sound, and he is always working hard to refine it. He has balanced his musical side with the business side because he has served as a good brand ambassador for companies like the sports betting platform, Hopefully, more people will follow Tekno’s music because it’s a must-listen and follow his other endeavors as well.