Inevitably, you have once come across the terms slot variance, volatility, and RTP, especially if you are a fan of slot games. You may have heard these terms, but they were not entirely clear. Don’t worry; we have prepared detailed explanations of these terms for you to understand them better and raise your slot game to a higher level.

Understanding these terms will help you expand your knowledge and look for ideal slots with the best variance, volatility, and RTP. That way, your slot experience will be unforgettable, the game will be more exciting, and the winnings will be even closer to you.

What is a variance?

The variance is a measure of the variation of the results from the statistical average. Its task is to measure the probability of a change in the results. Knowing this term can be helpful in many situations in life, as well as in slot games.

When it comes to online slots, variance is there to show how often you manage to hit combinations and how big your winnings will be. It represents a risk of playing a particular slot game. It can show whether the slot is high, medium, or low risk. Of course, it all depends on your wishes and investments. Some will rather play it safe on a lower risk slot, and some will prefer to try on a higher risk slot and maybe win more.

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Types of variance

One of the popular choices of players in the high variance slots brings the most risk and the biggest winnings. They can be an excellent choice for players who enjoy taking risks and testing their luck. Games like this will bring in fewer or no payouts, but if you get paid out, it will be significantly higher than if you played on a lower-risk slot.

Medium variances are causing perhaps tremendous popularity among players. They represent a golden middle, bring less risk than high variance, and bring higher profits than a low variance. They represent a safe environment that many players choose first.

Low variances bring less risk but are also less profitable. Playing low variance slots may not be so stressful and risky, but winning won’t be highly amazing either. Players with a smaller budget and less risk space are more likely to opt for low variance slots.

How is variance calculated?

To begin the assessment, we will take a game of 100 turns. If you win the game and your percentage of hits is more than 30%, that slot can be said to be a game with low variance. If the impact is between 20-25%, then it is medium variance. Finally, if the percentage hit is below 15%, it can be said that there is a high risk involved and that it is high variance.

What is volatility?

Volatility and variation are similar terms often used in a slot environment. Volatility is a measure of the distribution of results, but one crucial difference is that this term is time-bound. Variation does not require measurement to be time-bound, as is the case with volatility.

Volatility can be very useful in measuring short-term changes regarding a set of statistics. You will have an insight into what kind of risk you have decided on in the short term. The differences between the two terms are insignificant, and the answer to the question of the frequency of payouts in games will undoubtedly be the same.

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What is RTP?

Another factor to consider when choosing the best online slot for you is RTP. The term RTP describes the theoretical payout percentage that will be returned to the player. RTP will refund players the amount of the rate determined by the developer. He will keep the rest to himself.

The average RTP today ranges between 96% -97%. In the past, this was not the case, but the RTP was on average around 93% -95%. This applies to all players who have played the same game in a given casino. Of course, payouts to players are not guaranteed because playing slots is pure gambling. For the player’s chances to win, he should opt for the slot machine with the highest RTP.

Understanding the terms and winning

The main question is – will understanding these terms help you win? Indeed, it will not necessarily help you to win, because slot games are games of chance and no one can influence them. However, what will be extremely useful for you is knowledge and information about the types of variants. That way, you know which slot games you will play and what you can expect from them.

The information you receive will help you decide whether you want to take a higher or lower risk. Understanding these terms is one step further towards winning and an amazing gambling experience that will bring you a lot of fun.


For every game you decide on when it comes to gambling, it would be best to get detailed information beforehand. Good information will always help you. By understanding the terms variance, volatility, and RTP, you have the chance to determine your strategy and embark on an interesting game.