Betting on rugby: what does a player need to know?

Nowadays, you can earn money on the Internet in different ways. For example, some register and receive casino welcome bonuses, while others try themselves at betting, where you can rely on your knowledge and get a decent win. Rugby is very popular in England now because this game is spectacular, has simple rules, and has a lot of fans in northern Europe and other regions. You need to know that the game is different from American football, despite some similarities in the process. Also, the game should not be confused with handball, where you cannot play with your feet, and there is a goalkeeper, and a round ball is used, and not in the shape of a melon. Rugby and American football are contact games, and handball is non-contact because the physical influence on the player is practically prohibited there. Betting on rugby has specifics, and this article will analyze the main aspects and difficulties. First of all, you should decide on several issues:

  • what kind of rugby is chosen;
  • a set of popular bets;
  • basic strategies;
  • how to prepare for a chance.

What kind of rugby is selected

Many are confused with the types of the game in question. There are at least three varieties of rugby. The most popular sport is rugby-15 or, in another way – rugby union. They play two halves of 40 minutes; the exact amount is played in the rugby league, and only the number of players is reduced to 13 on each side. Only seven players from each team participate in Rugby-7, and the halves also last 7 minutes. A forward pass is prohibited; the ball must be brought into the opponent’s scoring zone for a point to be counted. If you want to play slots remotely, you can use casino mobile apps, this is an excellent alternative to betting, and you can play any time of the day. It is forbidden to push opponents while driving the ball, and it is also forbidden to attack a player who does not have the ball. Rugby has rather complicated rules, and it’s better to read them in total; a lot of things become apparent only in practice, so it’s helpful to watch live broadcasts.

Set of popular bets

The rarest bet on rugby is the “exact score” because the game has a high performance, and it is almost impossible to guess exactly how the teams will play, unlike, for example, football or hockey. Experienced betters most often bet on “total” because, in most cases, it is safe to say that the teams will total more than 39 points. A good bet is a “double chance,” played in case one of the groups wins or draws. “Handicaps” are rarely used because the difference in points scored by teams can be large or small, as practice shows. “The first effective action” is an excellent bet; it is good because already at the beginning of the match you can find out whether your bet is successful.

Basic strategies

One of the most reliable is the “catch-up” strategy, where you need to raise bets after each negative result, in which case you can count on wagering money. It must be remembered that such a strategy requires a large budget, so it is not available to everyone. “Ordinaries for total” is also an excellent strategy that can be effective at a long distance. The main thing is to continue betting until a positive result is seen. Local losses should not spoil the overall situation. There is a “safe betting strategy”, we are talking about making obviously profitable bets with low odds, such a game will not bring high income, but it will be reliable and productive in general. You should monitor your emotional state and not make decisions in upset feelings. It is not necessary to raise rates without a formed plan. Only thoughtful moves can be effective.

How to prepare for a bet

Preparation for each bet is mandatory. It is worth viewing the history of matches between teams, being interested in the personal lives of players, and understanding refereeing. Information about scandals and quarrels will be useful, as this sometimes greatly affects the results of a particular player. The coefficient can be beaten if you make a more accurate forecast. Be sure to read the opinions of privateers that are published on social networks and on specialized forums. It is useful to watch matches with commentary in your native language in order to get into the subtleties of the game and learn new subtleties. Professional betters know the rules of rugby very well and feel the game well. The first bets can be made using the advice of more advanced betters. You should choose only a proven betting company that has a license

Personal opinion on rugby betting

We came to the conclusion that betting on rugby can be done if you know the main features. First of all, you should decide on the main strategy and stick to it for a long distance. Secondly, you need to remember that there are several varieties of this sport, and you need to understand the rules in order to understand what is happening during the match. Thirdly, you need to think about your decisions and prepare for each bet, in which case you can talk about a decent result. There are several types of betting, and each time you need to choose the most appropriate way.