Online gaming is one of the most popular ways that people enjoy games nowadays. From playing on gaming consoles to your smartphone, there are lots of different ways that you can play online. There are all sorts of games now too. Online casino games are proving to be super popular as well, with lots of people regularly playing online slots and bingo. But when it comes to these sorts of games, how do they randomly generate the symbols and numbers to make the game fair for each player? Keep reading to find out to find out how RNG works in online games!

What Is RNG?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and it’s used to help make online gaming fair and random. They’ll typically be used in online casino games as they use the most randomized gameplay. For example, when you play online slots, the algorithm needs to select the results at random. The game knows which symbols it can choose from, and the RNG will allow it to be a random choice. Having an RNG allows all games to be fair and prevents patterns from emerging too. It’s also used when you play online card games to ensure that the shuffle and hand you’re dealt are random each time.

Types Of RNG

There are actually different types of RNG, and they are used in different types of games. There are True RNG (TRNG) and Pseudo RNG (PRNG). A PRNG is used in most casino games and video games as it makes use of a computer algorithm to ensure the selection is random every time. However, the randomness in this type isn’t actually real, as the algorithm could duplicate itself at some point. But this is extremely rare, meaning it would take thousands and thousands of plays for you to experience the same result.

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TRNG is slightly different from PRNG as it uses environmental factors to determine the results. This could be anything from atmospheric noise to any sort of external influence. This means that the results from a TRNG are much more random and can’t easily be predicted. TRNGs are used for things like encryption and security, so they may not be present in all games.

How Does It Work?

The best way to describe how the RNG works in online games is to imagine that you’re about to play online slots. As soon as you load the game up, a huge sequence of numbers or symbols moves in the background of the game. Then when you press the “spin” button, the sequence stops, and whatever it stops on will be your slot machine result. This works super well when trying to ensure that your results are random and can’t be predicted.

Is It Fair?

In theory, using an RNG should prevent cheating and ensure that the outcome is fair every single time. However, as it does use an algorithm, someone with the knowledge and know-how could technically crack the code. In a case, an online casino player managed to hack the algorithm and win quite a bit of money. But it didn’t really work out all well as he ended up in prison! So RNGs are now thoroughly regulated to ensure that they’re working to the highest efficiency at all times.

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RNGs are extremely useful for online gaming as it ensures that the outcomes are fair and random. This prevents gamers from being able to guess the result or predict the pattern too. The use of RNGs is so important that online casinos won’t even be given a license if they don’t incorporate them into their games, either. So, as you can see, RNGs are an integral part of online gaming and work to ensure that everyone gets a fair shot at winning.