Zacian is a mythical Pokemon that can be pretty tough to catch. But just how difficult is it, really? We take a look at Zacian’s catch rate and explore the stats to see if this Pokemon is worth the effort.

What is the catch rate of Zacian?

Zacian is a Mythical Pokémon from the eighth generation of Pokémon games. It is a fairy-type character from the Sword and Shield games based in the Galar area.

Zacian has a low projected catch rate of 0%25. This means Zacian cannot be transferred from another game or captured with a Pokéball. Zacian also does not occur in the wild, thus trainers cannot battle it for experience or use a Master Ball to capture it.

Players may gain Zacian in two ways:

  • for accomplishing specified objectives or unlocking special events in the narrative mode, or
  • by utilizing Mystery Gift tickets obtained via promotional offers and special giveaways.

On Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays of each week, Zacian may be seen participating in a raid fight alongside Dynamax Adventure.

Is Zacian and Zamazenta 100% catch rate?

Many people are intrigued about the capture rate of the much-hyped Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta from the 8th generation Flower Pokémon games. No, they do not have a 100% catch rate, is the short answer. The likelihood of capturing them varies depending on things like as the game version, the ball used, the accuracy of your Pokéball, and the amount of turns utilized while trying to capture them.

Zacian’s estimated catch rate varied from 0 to 25%, according on secondary source estimates. However, some players have reported capturing Zacian with a 50-60% success rate. Although it is unknown, Zamazenta’s catch rate is said to be lower than Zacian’s. To increase your chances of success while playing Sword & Shield variants, obtain access to the Giant’s Throne before trying to capture them.

Do you only get one chance to catch Zacian?

The catch rate of Zacian, a mythical Pokémon appearing in the Galar region, is one of the most asked questions surrounding the legendary creature. Fortunately, players don’t have to worry about getting only one chance to capture Zacian. While it is true that Zacian can be hard to find due to its rarity and low encounter rate, its catch rate is actually quite high.

Having said that, it is still possible for players to lose out on catching the legendary Pokémon owing to variables such as type advantages, the usage of Escape Rope, or Pokémon Balls thrown at inopportune moments. Interestingly enough, as long as trainers can repeat the battle with Zacian and deplete its HP each time while avoiding taking too much damage themselves, then it should be easy for them to eventually capture this elusive creature.

Is Zacian an automatic catch?

Many trainers have asked whether or not the legendary Pokémon Zacian is easy to capture. Fortunately, both its Sword and Shield games have disclosed its catch rate. In terms of Pokémon captures, Zacian has a capture rate of 3 out of 255. This implies that if a trainer tosses a Poké Ball at it, it will only succeed 1.18% of the time.

In comparison to the other Legendaries available in the game, Zacian’s catch rate is significantly lower than that of any other mythical or legendary Pokémon such as Dialga, Palkia and Kyurem with rates ranging from 30 to 70 percent.

Although Zacian is classified as a mythical Pokémon with this low capture rate, it can still be caught with perseverance and dedication – provided you have enough Pokéballs.

Can you dynamax Zacian?

Fans of Pokémon Sword and Shield are often asked about the possibility to dynamax Zacian. Unfortunately, no conclusive solution exists since the legendary wolf Pokémon cannot be dynamaxed. Zacian cannot be found in the wild, unlike other Pokémon in the game, and as a result, cannot benefit from Dynamaxing.

Despite this restriction, Zacian has strong stats and fighting skills that make it a tough opponent. In addition to its outstanding Fairy/Steel type, it boasts 100 base Attack, 85 base Defense, 98 base Special Attack, 80 base Special Defense, and 95 basic Speed attributes. It also possesses the “Rising Thunder” ability, which lets it to utilize powerful electric-type techniques with enhanced strength when combined with its sword-based strikes.

Zacian is an important member of any player’s squad because to its enormous strength and distinctive type, despite its inability to Dynamax.

Can you catch Zacian without Masterball?

It might be one of the most difficult undertakings in Pokémon Sword and Shield to capture the legendary Pokémon Zacian. Many people may wonder if it’s possible to catch Zacian without using a Masterball. Yes, the answer is yes. It is completely possible to catch Zacian without a Masterball, and there are several ways to do it.

Before trying to capture Zacian, the first step is to try to weaken him. This will reduce his health and make it simpler to capture him with an ordinary Pokéball. Another method is to use status effects like as sleep or paralyze, which may also help you catch the Legendary Pokémon. Finally, having a higher catch rate increases your chances of catching Zacian, so items like Golden Razz Berries can help boost your chances of success.

Can Zacian be caught?

Zacian cannot be captured in the same way that most other Pokémon may, since it is a legendary Pokémon. There is, however, a method to make it join your team. Trading is required to get Zacian. You must have a copy of Sword and Shield that contains the Isle of Armor expansion pass in order to access Zacian. After that, head to Master Dojo on that island and pay 100 Watts to Mustard for the Legendary Poké Ball.

You may then use this Legendary Poké Ball to try to capture Zacian at the same location as you fought it during the main story line;, but its catch rate will be determined by its level when encountered. The basic catch rate for Zacian is around 3%. However, if you wish to get one of these rare monsters for your squad, you will need luck on your side.

Do you have to battle Zamazenta to catch Zacian?

Zacian may be caught in the Pokémon games without having to fight Zamazenta. The catch rate for Zacian is actually quite high compared to other legendary Pokémon, at 45 – meaning it has a 45% chance of being successfully caught in a standard Pokéball. However, this is determined by your Pokémon’s level and the sort of successful throws you make: the greater their level, the lower the capture rate.

There are also certain Pokéballs and items which can boost your chances of catching Zacian, such as:

  • Quick Balls which have a higher success rate when used at the start of an encounter;
  • Wishing Ribbons which give all Pokéballs an increased success rate.

Where do you throw the master ball to catch Zacian?

The solution is straightforward: you don’t have to. Zacian can be caught in a regular Pokéball, provided the catch rate is high enough. Zacian’s catch rate is 3, which means that it takes a mere 3 Ultra Balls to fully capture it, as opposed to the standard 30 or more for other legendary Pokémon. However, if one was feeling extra prepared, they could go ahead and use a Master Ball if need be.

Using a Master Ball will automatically capture the Pokémon regardless of health and catch rate, so it’s best saved for special occasions. All in all, with the right technique and Pokéballs thrown at an optimal rate, Zacian can easily be captured without using up one of your precious Master Balls.

What are the chances of raising Zacian’s attack?

A few things influence Zacian’s chances of increasing his attack stat. First and foremost, the Raid Boss Zacian must be given a Golden Razz Berry before engaging in combat with it, as this increases its catch rate significantly. Furthermore, the Poké Ball utilized is vital; Great Balls or Ultra Balls are preferred over standard Poké Balls. Finally, the number of Premier Balls available to employ influences Zacian’s capture rate.

In terms of strategy for enhancing Zacian’s attack stat, players should concentrate on stockpiling Golden Razz Berries and Great Balls or Ultra Balls for their Poké Ball. The current catch rate for Zacian is 2% with a regular Poké Ball, 4% with a Great Ball, and 8% with an Ultra Ball – using other types of balls can decrease these rates significantly.

What’s the effectiveness of each type on Zacian?

When it comes to the legendary Pokémon Zacian, how well it performs against certain moves and Pokémon is significantly influenced by its type. Zacian is a unique dual-type in Demons Souls that combines Fairy and Steel. This typing provides Zacian with several resistances, but it also makes it susceptible to typical type matchups like as Fighting, Fire, and Ground.

It is crucial to note that no one type is very successful against Zacian, which means that its vulnerabilities are less evident as a result of the several resistances offered by its typing.

The Sodden Ring item, which can be discovered in the Cleansing Chapel, improves Zacian’s capture rate by 1.5× when used in combat, which is an intriguing fact about this Pokémon. As a result, if a trainer wants to capture a wild Zacian relatively easily, this item may be rather useful. This benefit is applicable to all monotyped Poké Balls, whether they are timed or ordinary Poké Balls of any kind. So, if you’re seeking for a faster approach to catch this rare legendary Pokémon, the Sodden Ring might come in handy.