Pichu is a baby Pokémon that evolves into Pikachu. Pikachu is a small, mouse-like Pokémon that has electric powers. When Pikachu is exposed to a Thunder Stone, it evolves into Raichu.


Pichu, a Pokémon character that has made his mark on video game history, is the subject of this article’s progression. In the Pokémon games’ second and fourth generations, Pichu is a baby electric-type mouse Pokémon. Pikachu, a well-known and popular character, develops from it. There is also theory that when Pichu is exposed to a Thunderstone, it may ultimately evolve into Raichu.

The history of Pichu and how it has changed through time will be explored in this article. It will examine the different stages that must be completed for Pichu to transform into either Pikachu or Raichu in its ultimate form. This essay will also go into detail about how training and fighting strategies may help your particular Pichu achieve its full potential. Finally, this method should help players discover success with their own personal Pichu and see it evolve into one of the most popular video game characters in history.

Evolutionary Line

Pichu develops into Pikachu, who evolves into Raichu, according to the evolutionary process for the Pichu family. By going to a specified place in the game and looking for wild Pichu, the player may encounter them. The player may evolve a Pichu into a Pikachu by leveling it up or utilizing a special stone after they have captured it. Pikachu will evolve into Raichu if it reaches a specific level.

Due to its charming look and ability to learn strong Electric-type techniques like Thunderbolt and Volt Tackle, Pichu was first featured in the second generation of Pokémon games and has since become an iconic Pokémon character. Throughout their trip, players may discover and catch wild Pichus. After capturing one, users may choose to leave it as is or level it up so that it can evolve into its more powerful versions, Pikachu and Raichu.


Pichu is the pre-evolved form of the popular Pokémon Pikachu, and is a dual-type Electric/Normal type Pokémon. Pichu is only available by evolving its pre-evolved form, Pichu evolves into Pikachu when it reaches Level 10 in Pokémon Sword, Shield, and Ultra Sun/Moon. When exposed to a Thunder Stone, it may also evolve into an Alolan Raichu in all Generation 7 games.

Pichu has pink cheeks and a tuft of fur on its head. It features two small ears with crimson ends, as well as extremely short stubby legs and limbs. Its tiny body gives it agility, which it often employs while playing or seeking for food in the wild. In addition to its natural Electric-type abilities, it can also use various moves such as Volt Tackle and Electro Ball, both of which deal large amounts of damage to opponents without requiring much energy from Pichu itself.


Pikachu is a prominent Electric-type Pokémon from the Pokémon series, appearing in both its Kanto original form and its Alolan variation in the games Sun and Moon. When treated to a Thunder Stone, Pikachu may evolve into Raichu, but not only by leveling up.

The original Pikachu is little, yellow, and black with patterns on its cheeks and tail. It is well recognized as the franchise’s mascot and for having a unique type combination that makes it powerful versus many other Pokémon kinds. Its characteristic move, Thunderbolt, offers it an advantage against Flying-type Pokemon, who are normally impervious to Electric-type techniques.

Pikachus may also learn a variety of additional strong moves such as:

  • Iron Tail
  • Volt Tackle
  • Nuzzle
  • Quick Attack


Raichu is the last development in the evolutionary chain of the Pokémon species Pichu when it achieves level up. It is an Electric-type Pokémon that can learn different Electric attacks and special moves like Thunderbolt and Light Screen.

Raichu has a mouse-like yellow body with an orange belly. It has two pointed ears with black tips and crimson cheeks where it stores electric sacs for use in combat. Raichu also has a long tail that culminates in a thunderbolt form, which aids in the storage of energy and serves as an additional power source for its electric attacks.

Raichu may evolve from Pichu by trade or by improving its friendship level using Pokémonblocks special sweet products or high friendship berries.

How to Evolve Pichu

The popular Pokémon series features Pichu, a charming pre-evolved variant of Pikachu. To employ your Pichu in combat or just because they like Pikachu, players may desire to evolve it into its adult form. Fortunately, Pichu evolution is simple. The only thing left to do is for gamers to level it up to level 25. This may be accomplished by fighting wild Pokémon or by beating other trainers with Pichu. When the Pichu reaches level 25, it will evolve into Pikachu and acquire its trademark move, Thunderbolt, a strong Electric type attack.

Players should also keep in mind that after they’ve evolved their Pichu, they may keep leveling it up until they reach Raichu, which is its ultimate form. Raichus are substantially stronger than their pre-evolved incarnations, and their evolved moveset allows them to do significantly more damage in combat. As a result, many players who appreciate utilizing Electric type Pokémon prefer to have a Raichu on their squad rather than numerous inferior versions such as Pichus or Pikachus.

Leveling Up

Pokémon evolve via a process called leveling up. Most Pokémon from generation one and onwards, including Pichu, go through this procedure. The way to evolve Pichu is to level it up once it reaches a certain level which then changes it into the evolved form of Pikachu.

When you have finally leveled up your Pichu all the way and evolved it into Pikachu, an alternate method for evolution can be used to evolve it again at level 20- this method is called The Stone Method. This specific evolution will turn your Pikachu into Raichu, commonly known as “Tangy” in Generation 1 games. In order for Tangy to be formed with this method, you need a Thunder Stone item that you must use on your Pikachu in order for him to evolve into Tangy, Raichu.

Using a Thunder Stone

Once a Pichu reaches Level 16, it has the opportunity to evolve into a Pikachu. This usually occurs organically when the Pokémon levels up, but there are alternative options. The most reliable way to trigger the evolution of Pichu into Pikachu is by using a Thunder Stone. Thunder Stones are items that can be used on eligible Pokémon to cause them to evolve immediately. In the case of Pichu, the Stone will cause it to become a Pikachu. This evolution technique is not accessible to every Pokémon and must be unlocked by completing specific in-game objectives or trading with other players.

Some other methods of evolving Pichu include:

  • Happiness level
  • Trading with another player
  • Holding an Everstone during certain levels

Pros and Cons of Evolving Pichu

Pichu, an Electric-type Pokémon, is no exception. Evolution is a vital element of every Pokémon’s existence. For players hoping to gain an advantage in combat, evolving Pichu offers a few perks and downsides.

  • Pichu obtains significant stat enhancements as a consequence, which is the most evident benefit of developing it. These include a doubled HP stat, greatly boosted Attack and Speed metrics that almost quadruple, and better Special Defense and Special Attack values that merely double.
  • Furthermore, after evolving into Pikachu, players have access to additional moves like as Volt Tackle that they would not otherwise be able to learn.

Pichu may take many levels before it evolves, which is the biggest drawback. As a result, players may have spent a lot of candy on powering up their Pichu before it could evolve, making this a costly procedure in general. Pichu cannot acquire strong techniques that Pikachu learns upon evolution, such as Thunderbolt or Thunder, until its second evolution.


Whitney is technically the first Pokémon to exist and has evolved into a powerful electric type, which is one of her advantages in her development as a Pichu. This means Whitney has a great base stat total as well as the ability to use her movepool to her advantage. Her evolutions are also quite varied, giving her access to devastating techniques like Volt Tackle, Thunderbolt, and Discharge later in the game.

Whitney is also in great demand for Pikachu bouts because of the nostalgic effect linked with this famous character. Finally, many players find it immensely fulfilling and rewarding to evolve from her charming Pichu form into a full-fledged Pikachu.


It may be more difficult to level up the Pokémon in time for the transformation if Pichu evolves on its birthday. It might be difficult to achieve a specific level before the birthday, despite the fact that it’s an exciting notion. This is especially true if trainers depend on frequent gaming sessions rather than grinding, which may take a lot more time and effort.

Furthermore, there is always the possibility that the Pichu may evolve into Pikachu too soon as a result of gaining too many experience points from fights or other activities. Furthermore, one of the primary advantages of developing Pichu on its birthday is the ability to select between Pikachu and Raichu, which is lost if it evolves before its birthday or mistakenly becomes a Pikachu.


The Pokémon émon At level 16, Pichu develops into Pikachu, a Pokémon. It is one of the few beginning Pokémon in the game that evolves, giving it a distinct and memorable character within the famous genre. It is often seen as a treasured emblem of friendship since it develops by being near its buddies.

In the ever-expanding Pokémon universe, Pichu is a fascinating character. Its transformation into Pikachu exemplifies the importance of connections and companionship in our lives, especially in terms of motivating personal growth and development. Pichu and Pikachu are certain to be excellent partners for any aspiring trainer thanks to their characteristic electrifying strikes.

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