Are you curious about the official Minecraft server on PlayStation 4 and wondering which version of Minecraft is available? Well, I’ve got the answer for you! The current version of Minecraft on PS4 is the Bedrock Edition. This means that players on PS4 can now join in with friends on other platforms such as Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even mobile devices. It’s an exciting development that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for cross-platform play.

With the Bedrock Edition, players can expect to enjoy all the features and updates that come with this version of Minecraft. From crafting and building to exploring vast landscapes and battling mobs, there’s no shortage of adventure awaiting you. Plus, you’ll have access to community servers where you can connect with fellow players from around the globe.

So whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey in the world of Minecraft, rest assured that the official server on PS4 offers an immersive experience with endless opportunities for creativity and collaboration. Grab your controller and get ready to embark on countless adventures in this pixelated universe!

What Version Of Minecraft Is On PS4

Minecraft Version on PS4

When it comes to the official Minecraft server for PS4, players can expect to enjoy the latest version of Minecraft that is available on the console. The developers at Mojang Studios are committed to keeping all platforms up-to-date with new features, bug fixes, and improvements. This means that PS4 players have access to all the exciting updates and content that are regularly released for Minecraft.

Features of the Official Minecraft Server for PS4

The official Minecraft server for PS4 offers an array of features that enhance gameplay and allow players to immerse themselves in endless adventures. Some notable features include:

  • Multiplayer Capabilities: With the official server, players can join forces with friends or connect with other gamers from around the world. Collaborate on building massive structures, embark on thrilling quests together, or engage in friendly competitions.
  • Cross-platform Compatibility: Thanks to cross-platform support, PS4 players can also interact with users on other devices such as Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices. This opens up a vast community of players to explore and play alongside.
  • Regular Updates: The developers consistently release updates packed with fresh content like new biomes, mobs, blocks, items, and game modes. These updates ensure that there is always something exciting waiting for players every time they log into the official server.

Exploring the Versions of Minecraft on PS4

Different Minecraft Editions Available on PS4

When it comes to playing Minecraft on the PS4, there are different editions available for players to choose from. These editions include:

  1. Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition: This was the original version of Minecraft released for the PS4. It provided players with a classic Minecraft experience, allowing them to explore and create in their own virtual worlds.
  2. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition: This edition is a cross-platform version of Minecraft that allows players on different devices, including Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, to play together. The Bedrock Edition also introduced new features like marketplace content and improved multiplayer functionality.
  3. Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Bedrock Upgrade: In December 2019, an upgrade was made available for owners of the original PlayStation 4 Edition. This allowed them to transition their game to the Bedrock Edition at no additional cost, giving them access to all the features and benefits of this unified version.

Compatibility of the Official Minecraft Server with Different Versions

One important aspect to consider when exploring the versions of Minecraft on PS4 is compatibility with official servers. The official Minecraft server is designed to work seamlessly across different platforms and versions, including those available on PS4.

Whether you’re playing the original PlayStation 4 Edition or have upgraded to the Bedrock Edition, you’ll be able to connect and play on official servers without any issues. This means you can join your friends or other players around the world in collaborative builds or exciting mini-games within a shared environment.