What Does the Heart of the Sea Do in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the Heart of the Sea is a rare and valuable item with unique properties. So, what exactly does the Heart of the Sea do in Minecraft? Well, let’s dive right into it.

The Heart of the Sea is primarily used to craft a powerful item called the Conduit. This underwater beacon-like structure provides various benefits when placed in water. Once activated by surrounding it with Prismarine blocks or Prismarine bricks, the Conduit emits a powerful energy field that enhances your abilities while swimming or diving underwater.

When near an active Conduit, you’ll experience increased visibility underwater as well as faster mining and swimming speeds. Additionally, it grants you unlimited breath so that you can explore the depths without worrying about drowning. It’s worth noting that these effects only apply within a certain range around the Conduit.

To obtain a Heart of the Sea in survival mode, you’ll need to search for buried treasure chests hidden beneath ocean ruins. These chests have a chance of containing this precious item along with other valuable loot.

So there you have it! The Heart of the Sea serves as a key ingredient for crafting Conduits and unleashing their powerful effects underwater. With this knowledge in hand, get ready to embark on exciting aquatic adventures in Minecraft!

Crafting the Heart of the Sea

To understand what the Heart of the Sea does in Minecraft, we first need to know how to craft it. The Heart of the Sea is a rare and valuable item that can be used to create a conduit, which grants powerful underwater abilities.

Here’s how you can craft the Heart of the Sea:

  1. Obtain Nautilus Shells: Nautilus shells can be found by exploring underwater ruins or by trading with wandering traders. You’ll need at least eight Nautilus shells for crafting.
  2. Collect Prismarine Crystals: Prismarine crystals are dropped by guardians and elder guardians when they are defeated. Make sure you have at least one crystal in your inventory.
  3. Combine Materials: To craft the Heart of the Sea, place one prismarine crystal in the centre slot of a crafting table, then surround it with eight nautilus shells, filling all other slots except for the centre slot.

Once you’ve successfully combined these materials, you’ll have your very own Heart of the Sea!

Now that we know how to obtain this precious item, let’s explore its functionality in Minecraft.

The primary purpose of the Heart of the Sea is to create a conduit block. When placed underwater near an arrangement called a “conduit structure,” it activates and provides several beneficial effects for players within its range:

  • Increased Underwater Vision: While within range of an activated conduit, players will benefit from enhanced visibility underwater, making it easier to navigate and explore submerged environments.
  • Water Breathing: The conduit also grants players an infinite supply of oxygen while submerged, eliminating concerns about drowning.
  • Haste Effect: Being near an activated conduit grants players increased mining speed, allowing them to gather resources more efficiently.
  • Damage Protection: Players within range will receive protection against certain types of damage inflicted by hostile mobs.