The Portable Gamer is all about online casinos available in the United States. Mobile gaming is our passion. That is why we incorporate US online casinos to mobile gaming.

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The team behind The Portable Gamer started out as casino players and with the expertise that we’ve built over the years, we started this website familiar with the minefield that a casual player will encounter in their search for the best mobile online casino.

However, just as usual with establishments, there will always be a founder. And in the case of The Portable Gamer, it is Roger Villa.

Who is Roger?

Roger Villa is a veteran casino player and perhaps the most seasoned player within the team of The Portable Gamer. He lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and has been going in and out of land-based casinos for a very long time.

With the introduction of online casinos in the United States, casino players such as him saw the potential of the new innovation. This resulted in him opting for online casinos and have been going to casino infrastructures less frequently.

Now, he created this website to inform casino players that the games they’ve been playing and earning from up to now are available on mobile devices.

Why Choose Us?

With the help of our team of veteran casino players at The Portable Gamer, you can be assured that you’re safe and secure in your search of mobile casino apps. We only provide resources that are independent and guaranteed to help you based on technical analysis and research.

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Our Mission

People tend to forget that not all information on the internet is true and safe, especially when they’re not independent and involves large amounts of money. Thus, it is our mission to provide honest and timely views to inform our readers about mobile casino gaming.

We believe people are only going to waste not only their time but possibly their money if they are easily manipulated by casino advertisements. We aim to provide the most reliable and accurate information for our readers about mobile casino gaming.

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