PoE Fossils are relics of the past, remnants of the old Gods. These are some of the most valuable items found in Path of Exile. Finding PoE Fossils can be tricky, as they are randomly generated like other map items. There is no surefire way to find them, but there are some places where they are more likely to appear.

Poe fossil – Where to look

The first and most obvious place to look for PoE fossils is in maps with the fossil icon. These icons can be found on the map overlay, and indicate that there is a fossil to be found somewhere in the map. The location of the fossil is randomized, but it will always be in a fixed spot within the map.

There are also some specific zones where PoE fossils tend to spawn more often. The Desecrated Chambers in Act 6, for example, are a great place to look for fossils. Other good places to find fossils include The Aqueduct in Act 4, the Tidal Island in Act 5, and the Ossuary in Act 10.

Once you’ve found a Cloth PoE, the real fun begins. These items are incredibly rare and valuable, and can fetch a high price on the trade market. So take care when mining for fossils – one wrong move could cost you the find of a lifetime.

The Top 10 Most Valuable PoE Fossils

The Top 10 Most Valuable PoE Fossils – The Cloth and Stone tiers of fossils are not as valuable as the other types, but they can still fetch a hefty sum. Here are the most common Stone and Cloth fossils, ranked from least to most expensive:

10) Lavianga’s Wisdom

9) Blood of the Karui

8) The Rat King

7) The Gorgon

6) Doedre’s Damning

5) The Nurse’s Calling

4) Steppan Eard

3) The Fox

2) Fenumus, First of the Night

1) The Queen

Poe fossil locations- How to Locate Fossils & Where to Find Them in the Game

The following are some fossils that tare most common in dry peak location:





1. Gorgonian Forest: The map that has the highest chance to drop as a fossil is Gorgonian forest. It also has pretty good number of fossils too, meaning more chances for you to get fossils at this location . There are many totem poe spawn close to the entrance of the forest. so it will be a little easier for you to farm for fossils here.

2. Pocked Area: The Pocked Area is another great place to farm for fossils, as it has a 100% fossil drop rate on its unique map. There are also many totems and beasts in this area, making it an ideal place to grind for fossils.

3. Vaal Pyramid: The Vaal Pyramid is a great place to find Cloth PoE fossils, as they have a 100% drop rate in this area. There are also many bosses and strong monsters in this area, making it a perfect place to hunt for cloth PoE fossils.

4. The Coast: the Coast is a great spot for dropping fossils as it has a 100% drop rate. The downside to this location is that there are far less monsters around compared to Gorgonian Forest and Pocked Area, but it will still be an effective means of getting Cloth PoE Fossils.

5. Dry Peninsula: Compared to the other locations, the Dry Peninsula has a lower percentage for dropping fossils. However, it is still a viable place to farm for fossils as it has a 100% drop rate on its unique map. The monsters here are also relatively easier to kill, making it a good place for beginners to start their fossil hunting.

In conclusion, it is very important to understand that not all artifacts can be found in a museum. It takes a lot of time and effort to locate them deep within the earth where they have been preserved for billions of years. You have to be patient and persistent, or else you may never find what you are looking for!