Though still unconfirmed by any official source, information has begun to emerge regarding a mysterious minefield which is believed to have recently sprung up around the remote planet RNF-YI-6 in the Parched Moon region of the New Eden cluster.

The nature of the minefield and its potential purpose are still unknown, but some believe that it may be related to the ongoing conflict between the two factions.

Mad Max Parch Moon Minefield

A mad max parch moon minefield is an aesthetically pleasing, smooth white sand that is mined to look like snowdrifts on the north side of a dune. It has no practical use, mining it only serves aesthetics.

How do you create one?

The process of constructing a mad max parch moon minefield can be broken down into several steps:

1. Select a suitable biome

2. Plan the minefield layout

3. Mine the sand

4. Place and smooth the sand

5. Add details and grow plants in the area

Each step is explained below in greater detail, followed by an example of one such minefield.

1. Select a suitable biome:

The first step is to select a biome where the minefield will be located. Biomes that work well for mad max parch moon minefields are deserts, plains, and tundra. The key is to find an area with a lot of sand that is relatively flat.

2. Plan the minefield layout:

Once a suitable biome has been selected, the next step is to plan the layout of the minefield. The minefield should be rectangular or square in shape, with evenly spaced sand drifts.

3. Mine the sand:

The third step is to mine the sand from one or more of the drifts in the minefield. All the sand should be removed except for a thin band of sand on which new drifts will eventually be built.

4. Place and smooth the sand:

The fourth step is to place all the mined sand into neat, even rows on top of where you have removed the original sand from. Once all the sand is in place, it should be smoothed out using a shovel.

5. Add details and grow plants in the area:

Once the minefield has been laid down and smoothed out, then you can add any desired features such as small hills or cacti at one end of each drift, and then plant grass or other plants in the area.

Why are they so dangerous to drive on?

The biggest danger of driving on a mad max parch moon minefield is that the driver may not see the sand drifts until it is too late, and end up getting stuck in them.

Additionally, the sand drifts can be difficult to drive on, especially if they are wet. Driving on a mad max parch moon minefield can be extremely dangerous, and should be avoided if possible.

What are some other names for them?

Other names for mad max parch moon minefields include “snowdrift sand”, “parch moon sand”, and “mad max sand”. They are all essentially the same thing, just different names for the same type of sand.

Is there a way to make them less dangerous?

One way is through the use of a minefield map, which depicts where all the mined drifts in a specific area are located in a given biome.

The player can then actively look for these mapped areas when driving or walking around in that location, and avoid them accordingly.

If you do not have a minefield map, then the best thing to do is simply stay away from all areas that look like they may be mined. Additionally, it is better to drive on these drifts during the day, as it is easier to spot them when there is more light available then.


The mad max parch moon minefield may be a largely aesthetical mining feature, but it is no less dangerous to drive on due to its extremely smooth and polished nature.