Introduction: What is the console?

The console is a self-contained computer that provides a means for players to play the game.

The subnautica console is a highly customizable system that allows players to custom make their own personal experience of the game. It has three basic parts: The screen, the player input, and the peripherals. The screen displays the game and all of its menus. The player input allows players to type in commands that affect the game. The peripherals are the devices that the player uses to interact with the game, such as the keyboard and mouse.

The console has a wide variety of functions that can be used to change how the game is played. It can be used to spawn items, change the weather, and even teleport the player. The console can also be used to cheat by giving players invincibility or unlimited resources.

How to use the console in subnautica

The console can be used by opening the Developer Console menu. This can be done by pressing the tilde key (~) on the keyboard. The console can then be used to type in commands.

There are two types of commands: console commands and debug commands. Console commands are used to affect the game world, while debug commands are used to view or change the game’s internal state.

Console commands are entered into the console by typing in the command and pressing enter. Debug commands are entered by typing in the command and then hitting the tab key. This will automatically enter the command into the console. Some commands require arguments. These are entered after the command and are separated from it by a space.

Console commands

The following is a list of common console commands and their functions:

clear – Clears the console screen

help – Displays a list of all available console commands

reset – Resets the game settings to their default

setcheatplayer true/false – Toggles cheats on and off

settimeofday <hour>:<minute>[:<second>] – Sets the time of day. The hour must be between 0 and 23, while minute and second can be any integer value between 0 and 59.

weather <type> – Sets the weather to a specific type. The available types are: overcast, rain, thunderstorm, sandstorm, and blizzard.

teleport – Teleports the player to the specified coordinates. The coordinates can be entered either as decimal values or as hexadecimal values.

Tips and Tricks with the Subnautica Console

The Subnautica console is one of the best-known survival games available. It is a third-person game and requires players to explore a mysterious island.

One of the best ways to enjoy Subnautica is to use the console to its fullest potential. This means learning all of the different commands and using them to your advantage. There are a number of commands that can be used to improve the player’s experience, such as the teleport command, which can be used to quickly move across the map.

Another useful command is the weather command, which can be used to change the weather. This can be helpful if the player is bored of the current weather and wants to experience something different.

The console can also be used to spawn items. This can be helpful if the player needs a specific item but doesn’t want to spend time finding them.

The console can be used to give the player certain items. The “item_” commands such as item_emergency_exit and item_weapon allow players to spawn these items into their inventory.


Console is an in-game tool for players who want to do more than can be done with keyboard or mouse and want access to their own authentic tools. You can use it for many things, including: Setting up a new base, moving furniture around, getting different materials quickly and introducing hostile creatures into a peaceful game world, creating new biomes and so on. Console is for power users and should be used with caution.