The first Blizzard game I played was Warcraft 3 because my brother got the Frozen Throne expansion pack. I was around 10 at that time. That made me a huge fan of all things Blizzard, especially World Of Warcraft. So even if Heroes of The Storm is not an MMORPG, its characters come from the universes of these games.

The characters in Heroes of The Storm have different roles. Some are assassins, some are tanks and some are support heroes. There is a good variety of characters to choose from and you can be sure that no two games will ever be the same.

The Butcher

The Butcher is a very aggressive hero. He can use his Hamstring skill to slow down heroes as he hits them, then move in with his charge to stun them and earn some easy kills. His Furnace Blast ability can help him take down towers quickly too because it does damage based on a percentage of the target’s maximum health. Finally, The Butcher’s ultimate ability, Lamb to the Slaughter, can stun an enemy hero for a long time, making it easy for your allies to join in and finish them off.


Kerrigan is an assassin who can dish out a lot of damage very quickly. Her Ravage skill damages all enemies in front of her and also stuns them, making it easy for her to kill them. Her Impaling Blades ability increases the damage she does to enemies who are slowed or stunned, making her even more dangerous. Finally, her Ultralisk ability creates a huge, powerful creature that can help her take down enemy heroes and buildings very quickly.

The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings are a unique team of heroes who have three different abilities that they can use. Olaf can charge forward and stun enemies, Erik can shoot arrows at enemies from a distance, and Baleog can shoot enemies from far away too. The Lost Vikings’ biggest strength is that they can separate, allowing them to deal with several enemies at once and survive. When all three Vikings are together, however, they can be a force to be reckoned with on their own as well.


Arthas is a tank who can soak up a lot of damage and deal out a lot of his own. His Frostmourne ability damages and slows down enemies in front of him, making it easy for him to take them down. His Howling Blast skill knocks enemies back and also damages them, while his Army of the Dead ability summons an army of undead heroes to help him take down his enemies. Finally, Arthas’s ultimate ability, the Touch of Death, can instantly kill any enemy hero.

Jaina Ten Ton Hammer

Jaina is a powerful support hero who can help her allies take down enemies quickly. Her Blizzard ability damages and slows down all enemies in an area, making it easy for her allies to kill them. Her Flamestrike ability does huge damage to any enemy in a line in front of her. Finally, Jaina’s Ring of Frost ability can stun enemies in a large area around her, making it easy for her allies to take them down.


Tyrande is a support hero who can deal out a lot of damage both at close range and from far away. Her Sentinel skill allows her to hit enemies in front of her with arrows, dealing damage over time. Her Lunar Flare ability can stun all enemies around an area for several seconds, making it very easy for allies to kill them. Finally, Tyrande’s Starfall ability does damage to all enemies in an area over time.


Heroes of The Storm is a great game with a lot of variety in its characters. Whether you’re an experienced player or a new one, there’s sure to be a character that fits your playstyle. So get out there and start playing!