The year is 2043. The world has been decimated by a series of wars that have brought the human race to the brink of extinction. Nuclear fallout, rampant gang violence and famine have reduced once successful cities back to lawless shanty towns.

In this new world, roads are rusty and cracked from neglect, with valuable scrap metal harvested from the ruins used to construct makeshift shelters and vehicles.

Mad Max the Heights Minefield

Mad Max the Heights Minefield is a modification for the game ‘the binding of isaac’ you play as max from mad max. it contains 3 items, 1 familiar and a few enemies.

it aims to be fun and unique adding something new to the already great game that is The Binding Of Isaac.

Where can I find it?

Mad Max the Heights Minefield is available on the steam workshop, just search for ‘Mad Max the Heights Minefield’ or follow this link to my workshop page.

What items are there?

Heights Mine Mad Max familiar that drops a bomb on death. The Damned +1 soul heart, -1 black heart Damage upgrade Is A Real Bastard Gives you one of each item on the floor with their rerolls intact.

There are also 3 new enemies

The Slag – A fast enemy that leaves a damaging trail of fire behind it.

The Scavenger – An enemy that will steal your money and items.

The Bomber – An enemy that drops bombs on death.

What’s the goal?

The goal is to defeat mom and win the game, there are no extra levels in this modification.

Is it a boss every floor?

No, there is one floor with a ‘miniboss’ in it which you must defeat to progress to the next floor. The boss of the first floor will reset when you enter a door but none of the other bosses do.

Is It Hard?

mad max the heights minefield is not a very difficult mod to beat, but you will need a good strategy and a bit of skill.

How to play?

Before you can play ‘mad max the heights minefield’ you must beat the original game. Mad Max the Heights Minefield does not have it’s own entry on the menu but is a modification of The Binding Of Isaac just like any other mod, so if you want to play it then select the ‘The Binding Of Isaac’ page and press the ‘mods’ button.

Once you are in the mods menu, scroll down to ‘mad max the heights minefield’ and press the ‘install’ button. The game will then be installed and you can start playing.

To select mad max the heights minefield in game, just scroll down to it on the mods menu and press the ‘start’ button.

How to play as Mad Max?

In order to play as mad max, you must first unlock him. To unlock mad max, you must find his statue and then defeat mom with him. The statue of mad max is a black pawn and is found on the second floor.

Once you have found the statue, go to the ‘options’ menu and select ‘mad max the heights minefield’. You can then press the ‘start’ button to play as him.


The controls for mad max are the same as the original game. You can find a list of them in the ‘controls’ section of the options menu.

Hints & Tips

Mad max can take a lot of damage and has very powerful items but he is not overpowered and requires a bit of skill to play well. So don’t go in expecting to win without getting hit once, you may do it but it will take a while. You still have to conserve your resources and use them at the right time.


I hope you enjoy this modification and thanks for reading. If you have any problems or would like to give feedback then just leave a comment below or send me a message.