A Starter Survival House, is a nice house you can get in minecraft early on. In order to get one of these houses up and running you will need some wood blocks, 2 wooden planks, 1 cobblestone and a crafting table. After you have all the supplies, do as you would for any survival house:

This is a basic design for a starter house, but there are many different ways to build one depending on your needs and wants in the game. If you want some more space then just add another room or two, or if you want a sturdier design add more walls.

Minecraft starter survival house example

This is a great house for early on in the game, because it has 1 chest, and room to expand. If you need more chests get another crafting table and make one (hence needing 1 wooden plank). As you progress into the game and collect more supplies then just build onto this starter house making it bigger and better.

For excellent and excellent-er houses check out the Mumbo Jumbo’s Minecraft Houses: Starter Survival House guide which has a nice and simple design. Good for beginners and experts alike! (Skill level required: Skilled Builder)

Example of an effective starter house – from Mumbo Jumbo’s Minecraft Houses

This house design is very easy to build and expand. It has a stone fireplace/chimney, a crafting table, 3 chests, a half height wall all around the first floor without leaving any gaps for mobs to come through. An alternative way of building would be making it out of wood instead of cobblestone.

How to build a starter home in minecraft

This is another good starter house, with lots of room for expansion towards the back. There are many different ways you can build a starter house, and you can build as many or as little as you want. The main thing to remember is that the more complex your design, the harder it will be to build and expand.

This is an example of a simple but effective starter home:

When building this kind of design it’s always good to save every now and then. This is because if you want to redo something or expand on something, it’s easier to do so than starting over from scratch. Just remember the first rule of minecraft: Always save!

Basic materials needed for building your home

  • 2 Wooden planks (Make a crafting table and craft some wooden planks)
  • 1 Cobblestone (Mine sufficient cobblestone to build your starter house on level ground with 1 layer of stone on top. For best results you can use a cobblestone breaker)
  • 8-12 Wood blocks, preferably oak wood if available (Gather some wood, making sure you have enough to build your entire starter house)
  • Enough dirt/grass blocks to make the foundation (The size of this depends on how big your house is going to be. It should be no more than 15×15, but it doesn’t have to be that big either).
  • 1 Furnace and 1  Crafting table

Get started building your house..

Decide how big you want your house to be. The simplest way, if you’re a newbie is to start with a small room and expand from there. But more experienced players can create a series of rooms linked together while maintaining the same style throughout for a more complex design. This is all up to you.

Once you have decided how big to make your house, do some planning on paper before breaking ground. This will save you a lot of trouble later down the track when you realise that it won’t fit through the door or doesn’t match up with another block etc..