Introduction: What is the best OSRS necklace for melee?

No one should buy an osrs necklace without considering the specific melee attack style they want to use. This guide is designed to help you make the best decision when purchasing an OSRS necklace for melee.

We’ll take a look at the different necklaces available and discuss why each one might be a good choice for melee players.

Osrs best necklace for melee – which is it?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Each player is going to have different needs from the necklace they use, which means that there will be a number of suitable options available.

There are a few things to consider when making your decision, such as the type of melee weapon you are using and your own personal preferences. In general, though, we can recommend a few necklaces that are likely to be good choices for melee players.

  • Amulet of Torture

The Amulet of Torture is a powerful amulet that offers a wide range of benefits to melee players. It increases your damage output, gives you a chance to stun your opponent, and even provides some defensive bonuses that will help you to survive under attack.

This is a very powerful amulet for PvP and PvM, although it is expensive and can be rather slow when used in the former setting. If money is no object and you enjoy playing melee, this might be the best OSRS necklace for melee players like yourself.

  • Amulet of Fury

The Amulet of Fury is a popular choice for melee players. It offers a significant damage boost to your attacks, as well as some defensive bonuses that can help you to survive longer in combat.

It also has the advantage of being cheaper than the Amulet of Torture, making it a more affordable option for players without deep pockets. One reason it might not be the best osrs necklace for melee is that it is rather slow to use, which means that you may take too much damage during PvP or PvM if you are forced to use another weapon.

  • Amulet of Glory

When this article was first being written, the Amulet of Glory was the best OSRS necklace for melee in general. It offered a +3 strength bonus, which helps to increase your damage output.

The Amulet of Glory is still a very good choice for melee players, but it has since been surpassed by the Amulet of Fury. If you are looking for an affordable amulet with some good bonuses for melee, the Amulet of Glory is still a strong option.

  • Amulet of Strife

The Amulet of Strife is a powerful amulet that is specifically designed for PvP combat. It offers a significant damage boost to your attacks, as well as the ability to stun your opponent for a brief period of time.

This amulet is perfect for players who enjoy PvP and want to have an edge over their opponents in combat. Keep in mind that it is expensive, so it may not be the best choice for everyone.

  • Amulet of Glory (4)

The Amulet of Glory (4) offers four charges to your amulet teleport rather than the three offered by its non-fours variant. This is a fairly common drop from Revenants, making it an affordable option for melee players who are looking for an upgrade.

If you are looking for something with considerable benefits, the Amulet of Glory (4) may not be the right choice for you.

In conclusion, there are a few different necklaces available for melee players. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs. The best osrs necklace for melee will depend on your own preferences and playing style. We hope that this article has helped you to make an informed decision about the type of amulet that is right for you.