It’s no secret that RuneScape is one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market. The fantasy-themed game has been around for more than a decade and is still going strong thanks to regular updates and new quests. It can be hard to know where to start though, so we’ve compiled this list of some of our favorites!

Runescape Best Quests

– Oaknock’s Tower

– Horror From The Deep

– King’s Ransom

– Knight Waves Training Grounds

Oaknock’s Tower

Oaknock’s Tower is an interesting quest to say the least. The player goes on an adventure to retrieve a magical book for the wizard. It has players explore dark caverns, fight monsters, break out of prison, and explore the woods. The story is one that progresses over time and will take you through quite a few different environments.

Horror From The Deep

Long ago, a colony of sea-dwelling creatures set out to conquer the world above the ocean. These underwater horrors laid siege to humankind and were close to ravaging the Earth. But an unlikely hero arrived to drive them back: a lowly fisherman armed with a spear gun and fishing boat! This RPG quest takes you on an adventure through time and space to seal away this menace once and for all!

A fishing boat operator living in poverty wages a war with evil aliens, but is young enough to be their grandson. A reluctant heroine with anger management issues, she once held all the power in her hands – but now she’s forced to find her way with no magic.

King’s Ransom

The player awakens to find themselves in a frozen wasteland with no recollection of how they got there. They soon discover that this is an alternate-reality version of the location where they live and grow up called Pernitia, and the only way back to their own reality is by completing a set of quests. The whole experience can feel kind of bittersweet but it’s a great chance to explore a new world and meet some interesting characters.

Knight Waves Training Grounds

One of the best quests in RuneScape is Knight Waves Training Grounds. This quest is all about teamwork and requires the help of at least one other player to complete it. You can enter this quest by speaking to Vasco in Port Sarim. There are two versions of the quest: beginner and expert, but we recommend starting with this one!

Top Rewards, Perks, and Experience Points in Runescape

These are the best quests in RuneScape, listed in no particular order. This list is not exhaustive but it does offer a good place to start for any newbies looking to get started.

– Oaknock’s Tower: 1,500 XP and a choice between a rune crossbow or a scroll of magic armor.

– Horror From The Deep: 2,000 XP and 1,000 GP.

– King’s Ransom: 5,000 XP and one of three rewards from the list below: Cape of Achievement (obtained from completing all novice tasks), Recipe For Disaster Quest (a very popular quest), or Mind’s Eye (a shield that requires level 40 attack).

One of the perks of doing quests in RuneScape is that you can get rewards, perks, and experience points. These are things that will help improve your character. Rewards are things like weapons, shields, jewelry, runes, gems, and potions. The perk is improving your in-game stats.


The RuneScape quests are great, but they can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re looking for a good place to get started on your questing journey, this list is sure to help! This in-depth article has listed some of the best quests available in RuneScape and given them each an experience point reward that will make completing these tasks worth it. Which one are you going after? Let us know below if any of these sound like something you’ll want to tackle next!