Hello Community, I’m Terras347 and I am here to help new players or existing players who are just starting their journey into space. Today’s article is going to be covering the process of how to use packager and why you should. It also covers sending resources back home so your base doesn’t get too cluttered with resources.

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The benefits of using packager are both quality of life and long-term. Let’s start with the quality of life part because it is simple enough to understand. The packager is a machine that allows you to take all your items in the inventory and condense them down into one stack per type. This prevents clutter in your inventory which makes it much easier to know what you have and saves slots for other important items. One of the main benefits of having a clutter free inventory is that you don’t have to worry about wasting resources by throwing out an item because there was already one in your inventory. It also makes life a tiny bit easier when trying to keep up with items that have timers like the solar panel or batteries because it will allow you to hold more in your inventory.

What is a Packager in Astroneer?

The packager, as stated above is a machine that condenses all of your items into one stack per type. For example if I have 20 Copper in my inventory it will condense them down to one stack of 20 copper. This means you can now make room for other resources or more important things like oxygen tanks or solar panels because you know you have plenty of copper. The Packager is also very important for long-term. If you are wanting to send resources back home or keep them on your base then condensing them down will be extremely helpful.

How Do the Packager Work in Astroneer?

I’m going to try my best to make this as simple to understand as possible. The packager works by taking the resources in your inventory and condensing them into a single stack that has all the resources needed. For example, if you have 50 copper and 10 silver it will condense those down to 2 stacks of 25 each (50+10 –> 25+25). As you can see it is very simple and only takes a couple seconds to condense your inventory.

How Do You Get the Packager in Astroneer?

The packager can be bought from the starter tab. Once you unlock it you will see it as an item that come pre-packed with 50 each of copper, solar panels, and oxygen tanks. If you are wanting to just use the packager on its own then I suggest opening it up and start mass producing resources before sending them home or storing them on your base. You can do this by putting the stack of resources in your inventory, condensing them down, dismantling the packager, and repeating the process over again until you have enough.

How to use the packager in astroneer?

Now that you know how the packager works it’s time to go ahead and use it. I’m going to cover the steps here in an easy to follow process. 1. Gather all resources you need/want condensed 2. Put one stack into your inventory 3. Condense down the stack 4. Repeat until done 5. Take any extra resources and dismantle the machine 6. Store/send home Once you get used to using the packager it becomes very simple. You can condense down your items at speeds of up to 50 stacks per minute so gathering, condensing, dismantling, and collecting takes almost no time at all!


In conclusion using packager in Astroneer is a great way to condense all your items into one stack per type. It also makes it easy to send resources back home or store them on your base without worrying about wasting space. The main thing I want you guys to get out of this article is that if you have extra resources on your base or want to send resources home then simply condensing them will allow you to do so faster and easier than if you didn’t.  I hope you have enjoyed the article and it has helped. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions!