Over the past decade, the rise of online casinos saw a high influx of punters worldwide creating accounts to try their luck at winning cash prizes from different online casino games. Undoubtedly, the online casino market breeds high revenue, and there are opportunities for both the casino house and punters to stay happy by setting RTPs on games.

In recent times, the competition has become steeper with online casinos to get more players to sign up with them. A marketing tactic that online casinos employed was the creation of casino bonuses and promotional offers. These casino bonuses have become the tool that gambling companies use in enticing and attracting customers to sign up with them.

Some of the casinos’ offers include cash prizes up to 500% of your first deposit, cashback on games, and multipliers on potential winnings from the different online casino games.

As enticing as these offers can get, punters also have to remember that the casino is not a charity organization and wants to make money for itself. Their bonuses pull you in so you can spend money on their game, and while this is not a bad idea, some of the bonuses are mere means of exploitation.

Some bonuses can do you more harm than good, and you should avoid them at any cost. Such bonuses are explained in the following heading.

Casino Bonuses With Ridiculously High Wagering Requirements

For newbies in online casinos, wagering requirements are conditions you need to meet to withdraw a cash prize bonus. Unfortunately, newbies and experienced punters alike tend to fall for these mechanics thinking they can beat the requirements of most online casinos.

All online casinos that you see today have the wagering requirements mechanics in place, and the difference between having a good bonus at hand and falling for a scam is choosing which you want to play.

Wagering requirements for online casinos can go from as low as 25x (or lower) to as high as 100x (or higher). For instance, if an online casino offers to pay you 100% of your first deposit back on a wagering requirement of 25x, you have to bet with that bonus amount 25 times over before you can withdraw the bonus cash.

The same thing applies if the requirement is 100x. You’ll have to wager the bonus amount 100x over on casino games or a chosen casino game before withdrawing the amount.

For wagering requirements in the 25x – 30x range, they can be easy to play if you’re smart about it, but if it’s exceeding 50x, stay away from such casinos and their bonuses. If you go ahead with the wagering requirements of an online casino but can’t meet up, you will be denied your cash bonus if and when you try to withdraw.

Another thing to note is the terms and conditions surrounding the requirements. Other than the number of times you’ll need to play to get a bonus, there are also specific games that the bonus applies to. Most times, the wagering requirements can only be met by playing slot games and not other casino games like poker, baccarat, and roulette.

Inconvenient Maximum Cashout Rules On Bonuses

These types of bonuses should be avoided, especially by high-rollers. Some casinos try to cap your withdrawal limits on a bonus cash prize to certain inconsiderable limits. To many high-rollers, this can get frustrating because there can also be time validity on such bonuses.

For instance, you’re winning thousands of dollars in bonuses, and when it’s time to withdraw, you find that the maximum amount you can withdraw is $300. Sometimes, the maximum withdrawal amount can be set only on that bonus set, and other times, it could be the maximum you can withdraw on that day.

If it’s the type where it’s the amount you can only withdraw for that day, you can continue withdrawing on subsequent days but beware, the time validity on such bonuses can be capped to 3 days. This way, you can withdraw only hundreds of dollars instead of the rightful thousands you’ve won.

Be sure to read the casino’s terms and conditions on bonuses to ensure that your winnings or time validity are not treated as inconvenient cappings.

Bonuses With Carryovers

These bonuses are tricky, and punters fall for them almost constantly. A casino offers you a bonus with specific requirements, and you go ahead to deposit for this bonus. At another time, you see the online casino offering a bigger bonus, and you go ahead to make another deposit. Unfortunately, you might not win the new bonus.

This feature is carryover, and unsuspecting players fall for them more than any other bonus conditions. Therefore, stay away from casino bonuses if you partook in a previous bonus and did not empty your account. A wise approach to many casino bonuses is making new deposits only when your casino wallet is zero.

Multiple No Deposit Bonuses

Many punters are too lazy to read all the terms and conditions of signing up with online casinos. Some casinos list that your bonuses become void once you take on more than one No Deposit casino bonus in these terms and conditions.

Hence, if you see an online casino offering more than one no deposit bonus, do not hasten to all of them. If you’ve taken on one bonus already, ensure you withdraw your cash prize from that before taking another. Taking on two or three at a time can cancel out all your bonus winnings, giving profits from your wagers to the casino.

Bonuses With Comp Points and Little Matches

Casinos offer bonuses you can get with loyalty points or comp points that are not worth the requirements and terms attached. Remember that casinos are out to make money and not give voluntarily; you’ll find that many of these bonuses with loyalty points come with bad terms and conditions.

Also, avoid bonuses that offer 25%, 50%, or 75% match on your first deposits. These are not lucrative, and their wagering requirements are not worth the bonus. Good online casinos offer at least 100% on deposits, and you can consider a myriad of them.