Why do we enjoy the 8th part of Resident evil? Yes, the game has amazing gameplay, and it is based on the interesting story of Ethan and Rose. The protagonist is half-human and half-mutant, so he has supernatural abilities and can handle different kinds of weapons, which makes the game insanely interesting. Even if you have never played it and rather enjoy any videogames or gambling activities such as casino online, you should take a look at this game.

What sets this game apart from previous parts is the variety of charismatic final bosses and monsters. The insidious and deadly Lady Dimitrescu, the insane Donna Beneviento with her cruel dolls, the strange and horrible-looking Salvatore Moreau, the mother Miranda. The Resident Evil Village’s memorable boss Karl Heisenberg is the latest supporter of mother Miranda, who will get in the way of your protagonist. In this tutorial, we will tell you what you need to do to defeat this horrible mutant.

According to the game’s plot, Carl hates Miranda and wants to get rid of her. For this purpose, he is even ready to join his forces with Ethan. But the latter, of course, refuses to help such a man, to which Heisenberg takes great offence. So, after your second meeting with this character, he drops the main character to the lowest floor. But Ethan does not suffer from this. On the contrary – after the meeting with Chris Redfield at the bottom of the building, you have access to Heisenberg’s tank. Thanks to this device, it is possible to defeat Karl Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village.


At a young age, the hero’s mother had a brutal experience with him. She wanted to plant parasites in his body. She thought that in this way, she could find a special vessel, bringing her daughter back to life. She was the last to die of the flu. After such an experiment, Karl Heisenberg gained new abilities. 

Of all the lords and bosses, Karl is the only one who hates Miranda, his mother. He accuses her of lies of cruel methods and wants to repay her for her years of subjugation. As a result, Charles puts together a rebellion against Miranda. He also ran away from his factory, spending his free time in places unknown to the public.


As soon as the fight with Karl Heisenberg begins, immediately start keeping your distance and shooting at the orange dots that are highlighted on the monster. Usually, such dots are located on all of Karl’s limbs. It is also recommended to block all blows of the monster. Otherwise, you simply won’t have enough health to move to the next phase.

After inflicting enough damage to the orange point – the limb will explode and fly away from the monster. This will have to be done until the dots run out. Then Karl still manages to grab the tank, and the main character is advised to shoot the cannon directly into the head of the enemy while the latter is saying something. Enraged by the violation of freedom of speech, Karl Heisenberg breaks the tank after the shot and rolls it back. The second phase begins.

In the final phase of the battle with Karl Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village, there are no tricks – hide behind any cover and shoot. The monster gets the most damage if you shoot him in the head with a sniper rifle. If you run out of ammo, then you should run to other shelters in the location and find the cherished boxes.

After defeating Karl, the main character will get the crystal figurine, for which Duke the Merchant will be ready to pay you money. So, now you know all the tactics to fight Karl Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village boss. We wish you a nice walkthrough!