Cases by Valve are both a great passion and pain for all gamers and CS:GO fans. Even players who are against donations do not hide the fact that they are often tempted to buy and open at least one case. To date, developers have already released more than 30 cases and are clearly not going to stop there because demand continues to grow. Let’s see which CS:GO cases are the rarest and what their prices are.

In addition, it was the excitement of gamers associated with the desire to open cases that made it possible to make Counter Strike a free game. But despite the fact that players have been building theories and strategies for more than a year on how to make sure that opening a case gives the maximum chance of getting exactly a cool item, it is important to understand that everything here largely depends on fortune – either you are lucky or not. If the decision has already been made and you are still aiming to get a decent skin, you need to figure out which CS:GO cases are really worth opening so as not to completely goof.


Such a case belongs to the “sweet” because, in it, you can simultaneously find two cool skins at once – AK-47 and AWP. AWP | Hyper Beast has a very attractive bright design with the image of a monster on the case, such an item in Minimal Wear can be sold on marketplaces for $ 70, which is very profitable with the low cost of the case itself.

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Spectrum 2 Case

This case is also considered worthy because it also contains 2 impressive items. First – P250 | See Ya Later is a pistol with a beautiful green color and cartoon style. But the, special attention deserves AK-47 | The Empress, based on the Tarot, wherein the center is a girl framed by sunbeams. Such a skin in good quality can be sold for more than $120.

Weapon case CS:GO #1

For comparison, here is the second case with a combination of AWP + AK-47. In this case, the coloring pages are cooler, although older. AWP | Lightning Strike generally looks like a retro skin, as if a picture downloaded from the Internet was simply pasted onto the rifle model. Perhaps all this, coupled with the purple color scheme, makes this design so attractive. And on the market, it can be sold profitably for more than $ 550!

Buying a CSGO case on Steam is not difficult. As a rule, they are quite cheap. But only this is not enough – with such a deal, you will also need to buy a key, but it can cost much more than the case itself. Therefore, if you want to save not only time but also money, you can think about opening a case on the website. Here you do not need to buy anything else. Having replenished the balance with a sufficient amount in a convenient way, you can immediately open the case you like, and in a minute, the won item can be transferred to your profile. And the honesty of the game is ensured by the Provably Fair algorithm.