If you are looking for an easy game to play for quick cash prizes, then consider Aviator from Spribe. Although categorized as a slot game, it comes with a few nuanced features that let you control your chances of winning and potential rewards.

Aviator is a crash game, a type of slot where you have to stop at any time before the system crashes. It’s a game of intuition to sharpen your senses playing Aviator at your favorite casino. You can play using either fiat or crypto, thanks to Spribe’s partnership with the best online gambling sites.

Your Objective in Aviator

Winning in Aviator is far simpler than in other slot games. Instead of hoping for the best after pressing the spin button, you determine the amount you’re winning. Pay the ante with the size you wish when the betting window is open, then wait for it to close to start the game. You can only play if you put a wager for the current turn.

Once the game starts, watch the multiplier rise from 0.01x until it reaches your desired amount. However, you have to act fast as this can crash at any moment, starting from as low as 0.5x. If it crashes, you lose the turn, then pay another ante to play again.

Withdrawing or pulling out before the multiplier crashes pays you back your ante on top of the payout you get multiplied by the result. Aviator can continue rising indefinitely, but the results are always random. Listen to your intuition about whether to push for a higher payout or cash out to avoid the crash.

Other fun Features to see in Aviator

Other than the game itself, Aviator also comes with a few fun elements. The following features are typically only seen in live casino games rather than slots. You can enjoy them at Aviator thanks to the game’s inclusive nature, allowing it to become a social recreation.

In-game Chat

The chat system allows players of the same game to interact with each other. This allows everyone to either banter or coordinates with each other. It can help players who aren’t confident in their intuition if they don’t understand Aviator yet. Even if you don’t need help, users can still enjoy the in-game chat as a means to socialize with strangers. Gambling is a recreation that is best enjoyed with company, after all.

Live Bets From Other Players

Part of what makes gambling with strangers fun is the competitive nature innate within a person. This is best shown in one’s behavior towards the size of other people’s ante at every turn. You can either match it to boast how much you win later for following your intuition or surpass it, showing everyone else that you have guts. Likewise, you may also play cautiously, using everyone’s bet as a standard for Aviator to avoid betting too big if you are new to the game.

Live in-game Statistics of Winners

The in-game statistics mostly only show the player with the largest wins in Aviator. The ones displayed are the biggest per day, month, and all-time in a leaderboard-like system. It tracks players’ maximum win next to the amount you bet and the multiplier by the time you cashed out. Just like the live bets feature, this also caters to gamblers’ competitive nature, allowing you to showcase the strength of your intuition to everyone else.

Take away

Aviator is a simple game with high potential for winning large payouts per attempt. You can spam the cash out button every game to get small but almost guaranteed wins or watch it grow until it reaches a high multiplier. Either way of playing is rewarding, and you can change your pace whenever you like.