“The Quarry” is a new survival horror videogame from the creators of “Until Dawn.” Its heroes are nine teenage campers, for whom the shift at Hucketts Quarry summer camp becomes an absolute nightmare and adventure. Fascinating chases, monsters, creepy transformations, and a gripping plot make it an exciting horror flick. We have already passed this game, and we believe there are four reasons why you should follow our example.

The great atmosphere

The atmosphere of the video game, including the music insertions, is drenched in the spirit of 80’s movies. And in general, the atmosphere of the mysterious children’s camp, mystical tarot cards, and mansions, so in the soundtrack expand the emotional palette of” The Quarry.” In addition, the unique music adds to the tension of what’s happening.

Overall, The Quarry looks incredibly effective, especially the deep work on the lighting, which has its dramaturgy that complements the action. And the facial animation and character models look convincing.

The multiplayer mode

“The Quarry” is the perfect game for group play. Yes, it can be played alone, but having nine-story characters makes it ideal for an evening out with friends. Even if you’re not a fan of video horror and are planning for the coming Saturday night, something else, for example, gambling on 22Bet, try to pass this game by the company on one screen.

Variety of characters

Even though the characters are somewhat stereotypical and resemble characters from American horror slashers of the 1980s, the diversity of the characters is striking. In addition, and thanks to the developers, their faces are very realistic, and we get the impression that we are seeing real actors (who were involved in making the film).

Moreover, by the middle of the story, it’s hard not to empathize with all the heroes and not to be swept up in the levels of the primary and secondary characters. Teenage crushes, leadership battles, and family drama deepen the characters and play an essential role in the plot.

And the story itself is pretty unpredictable. As in other studio projects, the characters’ destiny is in your hands: someone may die in the middle of the game, and the most fortunate one will complete the passage, saving the lives of all the teenagers. There are about two hundred endings, so quite a few decisions affect the ending. There are endings where all the characters in the movie die, and there are endings where you can save almost everyone except for some deaths needed for the plot.

Two-layered plot and an exciting backstory

This feature, in our opinion, clearly distinguishes this game from “Until Dawn.” While we pass the game alternately as different characters, throughout the storyline we talk to an interesting and epic character – a sinister old witch. She tells us about the tarot cards that players find in various abandoned locations, decodes them, and gives us different reactions depending on our choices. In our opinion, the witch’s epic and enigmatic nature give the narrative in “The Quarry” more intrigue than the explanations from the psychiatrist in “Until Dawn”.

So, “The Quarry” is a great horror story you should try. Ready to save all the nine characters?