English is a beautiful language that has been adopted in many professional settings. English has its origin and foundation. The history and facts about the language are fascinating, and it shows how much English is fun to learn. You can take English classes in the comfort of your home from seasoned English tutors. You will be amazed that every word in English, from the simplest to the most difficult, has its origin and root. In this article, we will explore ten fascinating facts that will make you surprised and fall in love with the English language. Now, it is time to learn!

English is The Adopted Language of The Air

 You will wonder what this means; it simply means that English is the official language of the airplane. No matter where you are flying in the world, the pilot and staff attendants on the plane speak and understand English.

There are Over Two Billion English Speakers in The World

This is massive, and it shows how important the use of English is in the world. This is more than 10% of the current world population. This means in almost all settings, English is the official language adopted. You will not want to miss out on some opportunities that live with the world’s most used language. You can start with online English classes.

Shakespeare has Added Over a Thousand Words to The English Language

He changed nouns to verbs and changed verbs to adjectives. It is well known for correcting words that have not been used together. The famous poet and playwright have established words that native speakers use to date. Some of the words he invented are: bedazzled, which means to be blinded by something wonderful, and cold-hearted to mean when someone is very wicked. He also coined break the ice, which means to break the silence or to release tension.

Some English Words Originally Came From French and Old English

After the Norman conquest in 1066, French became the adopted language in Britain, while some continued to use old English. The intermarriage brought a mix of two languages. With the knowledge of this history, you would know that the English words that come from French are considered more suitable and formal than the old English.

English Language in Times Past Has Grammatical Gender

Many languages possess nouns and verbs that are used to differentiate gender. English as a language used to have grammatical structures for gender, but that has changed. With the expansion of global English, English is gradually losing its grammatical grammar, and this has made the learning of English easier for beginners.

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The British Empire has Made Widespread English Today

You may wonder why English has fast become a popular language. The British empire is the period between the late 15th to 17th century when England possessed vast Colonies and controlled many countries like Africa. These colonies adopted English as the official language, which made the English language a popular language. English also became prominent when the English countries became big players in the world’s politics and affairs. The advancement in technology has further made English popular. Most gadgets come with instructions written in the English language. Amazingly, the use of these gadgets has also made English classes online possible.

Some English Words Remain The Same Forward and Backward

Words that remain the same when you spell it forward or backward are palindromes. Examples of such words are ‘Madam’ and ‘Eve’  

The United States do Not Have English as an Official Language

It is surprising to know that the English language is not the official language in America. It is a known fact that some states have declared English as their official language. English is widely spoken in the United States, but it is not only the language available; there are people with different backgrounds who reside there.

The Confusing Spelling in English Had its Origin. Find out!

 In the middle ages, people who wrote documents were called scribes. These scribes wrote texts as they sounded, and they had different dialects. This caused so many inconsistencies in the text. Also, there is a man called William Caxton who started a printing press, so he hired workers who spelled words in their dialects; this has been largely responsible for the difference between the American spelling and the British spelling.

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The Longest Word in the English Language is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis.

It is used to refer to a lung disease that is caused by inhaling sand dust.

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