If you decided to create a presence on one Bitcoin casino or the other, you probably have a few games in mind that you want to try out. Poker, slots, and roulette are just a couple of well-known words new gamblers keep in mind. Many of them even come from non-crypto online casinos, which have similar content.

However, crypto games are different in many small ways. Because of it, there is a unique situation in the decentralized gambling world. The trends are slightly different, not to mention that there are unique games that non-crypto establishments neglect to have. In short, some games are just better or more popular here.

This list describes a few game types that seem particularly enjoyable, fun, or lucrative in this period in time. It doesn’t contain specific game titles but rather broader categories of games. Also, it may not align with your particular view of the world, which is totally fine. It’s only a list of good options, not even a ranking.


Crypto poker isn’t particularly different from its regular counterpart. Like elsewhere, this card game is exceptionally popular in the crypto dimension. There are several unique distinctions to it:

  1. People get to play from all over the world. Online poker has financial and regional limitations. It means people from various countries will either be barred from participating or will be restricted to a region. Blockchain allows all users to participate equally in the game.
  2. In some cases, poker can be a multicurrency game. For instance, you bet $10 worth of BTC, another challenger calls in ETH, and so forth. In the end, you can win different currencies, but this setting needs to be enabled.
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If you’re looking for a classic casino game that just happens to use crypto, then blackjack is the prime example. It follows nearly the same rules as the usual online blackjack, but with cryptocurrencies. The game is incredibly popular among gamblers of all sorts, even here.


Slots are another popular game that differs very slightly from its non-crypto versions. All you need to do here is spend a few crypto coins, pull the lever, and watch your slots spin. If they show a good combination of images, you win a number of coins. The only technical difference is that images can be crypto-inspired. That’s it.


Dice isn’t a Blockchain exclusive, but it’s massively more popular here compared to non-crypto gambling houses. Non-crypto dice are usually encountered on websites that cater to far eastern markets (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and so forth). Crypto dice are encountered in large quantities on nearly every casino website.

This gives you a chance to select the Bitcoin dice (or dice in other currencies) that you can possibly wish for. It’s the biggest genre of games that basically amounts to predicting the value of a randomly generated number each turn. The rules are more complex, but that’s the gist.

There are wide varieties of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, dai dice, as well as many others.

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Crash, for its part, is unique for crypto entertainment. It’s a generally randomized simulation of a market graph in which you get to enter and exit the game at any point. The difference between your entering position and the exiting one will be represented with a multiplier.

This multiplier (can be below 1) is what produces your winnings here. It’s relatively straightforward and exceedingly popular among certain gamblers.