If you ask an unsophisticated layman what he thinks about casino not on GamStop UK and the possibility of winning a decent amount in them, the answer is likely to be something like this – nothing complicated. Patience and luck – that’s all you need to play successfully, according to people who have heard something about it somewhere. But is it true?

In reality, winning really good money is not for everyone. Why? Well, you’ll find out in this article that focuses on nine basic rules for online gamblers who’ve been playing at online casinos for a long time and, what’s important, winning.

The rules for a successful casino game

Rule #1: Learn how to manage your gambling capital

Your bankroll depends on the stakes you intend to play and how much time you intend to spend at the gaming table. Even before you start playing, experienced gamblers advise splitting your bankroll into several equal parts and staying within your self-set limits when betting.

Moreover, you should be prepared for the fact that you can lose at online casinos, so the loss of the game amount should not be painfully felt.

Rule #2: Analyze your payout amounts

More often than not, the most popular online slot machines provide information about the payout percentage for everyone. It is usually in the range of 97%. Knowing this parameter can significantly increase your chances of winning. Therefore experienced players advise running only machines with RTP no lower than this figure.

Rule #3: Be careful with bonuses

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Everyone likes it when they get something for free. However, there are some nuances in today’s online casino rewards programs that you should pay attention to.

In particular, it is worth paying attention to the conditions under which the bonus funds can be withdrawn from the online machine – the so-called page. Otherwise, a nice at first glance bonus can actually turn into a burden.

Rule #4: Play fairly

Beginner players often resort to the help of certain programs that supposedly allow you to hack an online machine and guarantee winnings. In reality, this is one of the silliest mistakes, which often turns the course of events not in favor of the player.

The simplest examples of unsuccessful use of such applications are blocking the player’s account and all his funds accordingly or installing a virus along with the program, which one day will crack all passwords to the account and safely transfer all funds to an unknown destination.

Rule #5: Observe a number of taboos

These are, in a sense, unwritten rules that are desirable to observe in addition to those listed above, and the number of which may vary upwards depending on the player’s character and sometimes even his prejudices. Here are the main ones:

  • Do not play for too long – regardless of winnings and luck, pause every 40-50 minutes;
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages during the game – they dull the reaction and the instinct of self-preservation, which in turn forces the player to make unusual mistakes.
  • Don’t gamble with other people’s money – and while this advice may be classed as prejudice, most experienced gamblers believe that gambling with borrowed money guarantees a loss.

Rule #6: Don’t gamble based on emotion

Emotional gambling is your enemy because you don’t gamble wisely, and that means you risk losing all your money in a heartbeat and ending up with nothing. You should always go for a cup of tea or temporarily change your line of work to cool down and get back into the game.

Rule #7: Don’t gamble if you win multiple times in a row

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The casino, whether it is a mobile casino not on GamStop or a physical establishment, is designed so that you cannot win an infinite number of times in a single game session, so in case of repeated success in one session, you should either set aside some of your money for the game, and the second delayed, or stop playing altogether.

Rule #8: Don’t listen to what others think

In a casino, you bet your own money, so it’s you who plays, not someone else. So you have to make your own decisions, otherwise, if you lose, you will be very sorry.

Rule #9: Strategy is key

Don’t always play without a strategy because you will never really make money, and you will never get rich. Only experience and finding your own strategy will make your playing sessions potentially more successful and work in the long run. The most experienced players always know what they are doing and what decision to make in a certain situation; you should do the same.


One last thing: every online casino visitor should understand that the process of playing is, first and foremost, fun. And when you learn how to take pleasure in it, Lady Fortune will certainly turn to you. But if you always think only about money, you will either lose everything and become an addicted and problematic player, or you will never see really big prizes. Good luck to you!