In Wacky Wizards, gems can be discovered in a couple of various means. You can locate them spread around the map, inside breasts, or by defeating enemies. Treasures are essential since they are made use of to update your wizard’s stick. Upgrading your stick will make your spells a lot more powerful and assist you proceed via the video game.

Here are some suggestions on exactly how to discover treasures in Wacky Wizards:

Scattered around the map: Treasures are usually sprinkled around the video game map, specifically in earlier levels. To locate them, simply maintain your eyes peeled off while you’re exploring.

Inside upper bodies: Numerous upper bodies in Wacky Wizards include treasures. To open up a breast, simply walk up to it as well as press the “interact” switch.

Beating enemies: Some adversaries will certainly drop treasures when they are defeated. You can typically inform which opponents drop gems by checking out their shade; rarer adversaries are most likely to go down treasures than common enemies.

The Basics of Wacky Wizards

In Crazy Wizards, you can obtain gems by beating enemies, finishing pursuits, and locating depository. Treasures can be utilized to get items in the shop, and also they can likewise be made use of to upgrade your wizard. You can get even more treasures by completing everyday obstacles and by watching advertisements.

The Three Kinds Of Gems

Goofy Wizards is a game where you collect gems to progress via the levels. There are 3 various kinds of treasures in the game: power, knowledge, and good luck. Each type of treasure has a various effect on your wizard character.

Power gems boost the damage that your personality performs with their spells. Knowledge treasures increase the chance that your spells will strike their target. Luck gems make it more likely that you will certainly discover rare items as well as treasure chests in the game.

You can locate gems by beating adversaries, looking for depository, or buying them from the in-game Shop.

The Four Ways to Obtain Gems

Among one of the most crucial points in Wacky Wizards is acquiring treasures. Although there are lots of methods to obtain them, this write-up will certainly concentrate on the four main methods.

The initial means to get treasures is by progressing with the main tale. As you total quests and defeat bosses, you will certainly be compensated with treasures. The second way to get gems is by completing day-to-day pursuits. These pursuits reset every day, so make sure to complete them immediately.

The third method to get gems is by participating in occasions. Events are special events that normally last for a minimal time. Throughout these times, you can normally gain a great deal of gems by finishing event-specific pursuits. The fourth and final method to obtain gems is by acquiring them directly from the in-game store.

Gems can be utilized for a selection of functions, such as purchasing brand-new products as well as upgrading your existing ones. Be sure to conserve up and utilize your treasures intelligently!

Tips and Tricks

Goofy Wizards is a prominent video game that lots of people take pleasure in playing. The item of the video game is to gather as lots of gems as feasible. Gems can be found everywhere, however they are not always simple to get. Below are some ideas and also methods on how to get even more gems in Wacky Wizards.

Use Your Treasures to Buy Boosts

In Crazy Wizards, gems are the video game’s premium currency. You can use them to acquire special things, power-ups, as well as improves that will certainly assist you advance with the game.

Among the most effective means to get gems is to utilize them to acquire increases. Increases are special things that give you a short-term benefit in the game. For instance, the “Double XP” increase will double the quantity of experience factors you earn for a limited time.

If you utilize your gems to get boosts, you’ll be able to level up faster as well as progression via the video game quicker. You can also make use of gems to acquire unique products from the in-game shop, but these items are normally less valuable than boosts.

Utilize the Right Boost for the Right Situation

In Goofy Wizards, there are 4 various Boost choices that you can use to aid you obtain even more gems. Its important to utilize the right Boost for the right scenario, however, due to the fact that each Boost has various toughness as well as weak points.

The first Increase is the Treasure Booster. This Increase will certainly offer you an arbitrary gem each time you utilize it. The treasure can be of any type of color, so its a great concept to utilize this Increase when you require a particular shade of gem.

The second Boost is the Time Booster. This Boost will add 5 secs to the clock for each gem you gather. This is a great choice if youre running out of time and also need to collect even more gems swiftly.

The 3rd Increase is the Score Booster. This will increase the points you obtain for every single treasure you gather. This alternative is great if youre trying to obtain a high rating and require to rack up points quickly.

The 4th and last Boost is the Life Booster. This option will provide you an extra life for every single treasure you accumulate. This is an excellent alternative if youre close to losing the game and need an added life to continue playing.

Usage Your Gems to Buy Lives

If you’re really struggling to pass a degree, using your treasures to buy extra lives can offer you the increase you require. You can likewise use gems to get boosters, which can be available in helpful if you’re stuck on a complicated section.

Gems can be purchased with real money, or you can gain them by completing levels and also enjoying video clips. You’ll get a small number of treasures for passing levels, and a larger number for completing whole worlds.


The only means to obtain treasures in Wacky Wizards is to acquire them with real life money. While this might appear like a negative, it in fact enables the player to choose how much they wish to invest in the game. If someone is only curious about playing for a short quantity of time, they can purchase a small amount of gems. Or, if someone intends to sustain the video game and bet a longer time period, they can acquire a larger quantity of treasures.