The gaming world always brings us something new and something special. We can play so many different games. Some of those games conquered a place in our hearts forever. Everyone can find something special for themselves today. Some games bring us so much adrenaline, that there is no need to test your health in real life. If you love feeling the adrenaline, then test your luck by joining PlayAmo. We are going to share some latest news from the gaming world.

The Callisto Protocol

Studio Striking Distance presented the release trailer for survival horror The Callisto Protocol. This is the ideological heir to the Dead Space franchise from the creator of the first part of the cult space horror trilogy, Glenn Scofield.

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The action takes place on Jupiter’s moon Callisto in the 24th century. A prison for especially dangerous criminals has been deployed on the satellite, but at some point, frightening events begin to occur in it. You will play as a prisoner who will try to save his life and escape with Callisto. The Callisto Protocol releases on December 2nd for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

Sword of Vagrant

Studio O.T.K. Games has announced the release date for the stylish 2D Metroidvania Sword of the Vagrant on consoles. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 30, while it will be available on PS5 in 2023. Travel to the hand-drawn world known as Mithril and discover the truth about your childhood and its dark secrets. Play as Vivian, a wandering mercenary who fulfills her father’s last will in the hope of being reunited with her family. Slash and slash hordes of monsters as you make your way from a quiet village through mysterious forests, haunted castles, and ruined places of military glory. But what can console our wanderer when the countless hordes of enemies finally turn to dust? The game was released on PC in 2018 under the name The Vagrant. She has almost 6.5 thousand reviews on Steam, 90% of which are positive.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

Square Enix has unveiled a new trailer for the re-release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, in which they emphasized that the updated version of the JRPG is much more than just a remaster. The video showed updated graphics, music, the combat system, as well as cinematics at the time of summoning companions. Along with this, it became known how Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion will work on various platforms. On PC, players will be able to choose from 30/60/120 FPS, and the resolution will depend on the display. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion will release on December 13 on PC, both generations of consoles and Switch. The plot of the game completely repeats the original, there will be no changes or additions.

War Robots: Frontier

A trailer for the multiplayer action War Robots: Frontiers has been presented, which details the features of the game. Users will be able to customize various combat robots that will destroy each other on a variety of maps.

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It will be possible to put machine guns, cannons, rocket launchers, and other types of weapons on the hull. Players will be able to customize the chassis, and hull and experiment with a variety of options, and the maps will be destructible, giving users a variety of tactical options. In total, there will be three factions in the game that are fighting each other for the resources of the Wild 10 planetary system. Humanity has left the Earth and is trying to settle down in new lands, but the old conflicts have not gone away. The fights themselves will take place in a six-by-six format, and users will be able to fill in the alpha strength scale to release a secret weapon on the battlefield – the alpha robot. War Robots: Frontiers will be released on November 24 on PC.