Ash-Greninja was a highly sought-after Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon, and many fans were disappointed when it was revealed that the creature could only be obtained through a special event. However, there is still hope for those who want to add Ash-Greninja to their collection! Read on for a comprehensive guide on how you can get Ash-Greninja in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Can you still get Ash-Greninja?

The popular video game series Pokémon Sun and Moon included Ash-debut. Greninja’s Ash Ketchum acquires it after forming a particular link with him after a fight. It is a unique form of the Greninja.

Ash-Greninja has been difficult and impossible to get via standard gaming since its first release, leaving devoted fans wanting more. Only utilizing special codes or transferring it from another game via the PokémonBank app will allow you to get it.

You may now use a code to get Ash-Oricorio Greninja’s Pau Style variation in the Pokémon Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun/Moon games in the US. This variation has a unique attack called Water Shuriken that does extra damage to foes with low health.

This tutorial will outline all the methods required to get Ash-Greninja using a code and provide useful advice for gamers searching for a competitive advantage while facing up against strong opponents.

Where did Ash-Greninja go?

Ash-Greninja initially became accessible with the introduction of Gen 2 Flower Gold, Silver, and Crystal in the Pokémon franchise. This Greninja, which Ash Ketchum owns and featured in the Pokémon anime, was momentarily made available as a prize for completing The Battle Tree Challenge. But it soon became apparent that Ash-Greninja was only available in Gen 2 Flower Gold, Silver, and Crystal after its first appearance.

Catching an Ash-Greninja from its original location in Gen 2 Flower Gold was impossible – as they had removed it soon after introducing it to the game. However, players could transfer an Ash-Greninja from their older games with the Pokémon Bank service or trade it over from other players who had kept up with the game’s updates. As a result, this page answers inquiries like “Is there any way to still receive an Ash-Greninja without trading or transferring?

How do I get Ash Greninja 2020?

One of the rarest animals to show up in the video game series is the Ash-Greninja, a character from the anime version of Pokémon. Those who have played Pokémon X or Y on the 3DS may have vivid memories of this enigmatic animal. However, there are still ways to get it in 2020.

In 2020, gamers will have to transfer an Ash-Greninja from another game of the same generation. Playing with someone who already owns an Ash-Greninja or having it handed over through a Global Link code are also options for doing this. Players must first acquire a Greninja with the Protean hidden ability, which makes the procedure significantly more difficult than getting a regular Greninja. Then, utilizing an Everstone, this secret power may be unlocked and exchanged to another game for an Ash-Greninja.

Players may also obtain unique Event Serial Codes from Nintendo’s website or purchase them from participating merchants. These codes enable users to acquire a unique variation of the monster that includes its distinctive attack, Water Shuriken.

Why is Greninja not in sword and shield?

Due to a technological constraint, Greninja was left out of the first release of Pokémon Sword and Shield. Due to this restriction, only a limited number of Pokémon were able to be included to the original game code, and Greninja ended up being one of those that wasn’t. Greninja has been missing from the game up to this point because to this.

Greninja and its unique form Ash-Greninja are now available to catch in the game thanks to the recent release of The Isle of Armor expansion. Unfortunately, Pumpkaboo’s basic stats have not altered since it was added, despite being an unusual discovery. Despite this, it still has strong numbers, with:

  • 95 for the high Speed rating;
  • 85 for Attack;
  • 65 for Defense; and
  • 75 each for Special Attack and Special Defense.

How do you activate Ash-Greninja?

Ash Ketchum’s hallmark form from the Pokémon anime series, the Ash-Greninja form of Greninja, can be acquired in the game with a little more work.

Players must first go to Malice Courtyard in the game and engage in combat with their Greninja there in order to get Ash-Greninja. Once defeated, players may use Pokémon Refresh to copy it over to their versions of Pokémon Sun or Moon.

Players must choose Greninja as their starting Pokémon for an exclusive edition of the game after transferring their data into Sun or Moon. As soon as you enter this updated version, Ash-Greninja will immediately join your party and cannot be taken out. The player will then be able to use Ash-Greninja in combat and benefit from its epic power.

What type is Ash-Greninja?

In the video game Pokémon X and Y, Ash-Greninja, also called Ash Greninja, was first seen in the Kalos area. In Pokémon X and Y, Ash Ketchum utilized this variant of the Greninja to fight Alain from Team Flare.

Ash-Greninja, in contrast to other altered forms of Pokémon, is a permanent form with a unique ability called Battle Bond. By using this ability, Greninja may perform its fully enhanced special attack after defeating an adversary’s Pokémon. The stats of Ash-Greninja are also better than those of ordinary Greninja.

Ash-Greninja was made available as a Mythical Pokémon and is only accessible via certain events through the GTS system. This method requires you to trade another legendary or rare Pokémon for it. You can also discover it via utilizing Mystery Gifts on Nintendo Switch systems or by playing other Nintendo gaming applications. Specific distributions include the Pandora’s Box and Malice Dungeons events.

Is Ash-Greninja in sword and shield?

Yes, Ash-Greninja is still available in Pokémon Sword and Shield, to answer your query. Players may get the Ash-Greninja special form in one of two methods.

  • The first method involves using a Nintendo Switch Online membership to transfer the Greninja from Pokémon Sun and Moon or Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
  • However, taking part in a Max Raid Battle event that is conducted in your town is the quickest method for players to get an Ash version of the Greninja in Sword and Shield.

Once you’ve vanquished the monster, it often leaves behind an Ash-Greninja. This is one of the few opportunities left for Sword and Shield gamers to get their hands on this rare Pokémon.

What kind of Pokemon is Ash Greninja?

Ash-Greninja is a unique variation of Greninja originally appearing in the Pokémon anime series. Along with Charizard, Snorlax, and Pikachu, it is one of the primary forms Ash Ketchum uses. Ash-Greninja are stronger and faster than regular Greninja, giving them a competitive advantage. It may also employ unique attacks like Water Shuriken and Mat Block to overcome strong opponents.

As a Pokémon of the Water/Dark type, Ash-Greninja excels against the Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Ground kinds. It can also use a number of strong attacks including Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Shadow Sneak. Additionally, it has a powerful trademark move called Water Shuriken that enables it to damage numerous opponents at once. Finally, when its HP is low, its ability Torrent increases its Water-type moves. With all of these advantages, Ash-Greninja is one of the game’s most powerful Pokémon.

Can you get Greninja in Pokemon Sun and Moon?

From the sixth generation of the game, Greninja is a beloved Pokémon that can be caught in both Pokémon Sun and Moon. In Sun and Moon, players must first go to Route 8 and run across a wild variation of the character in order to get Greninja. Unlike other Pokémon, Greninja may be found in four different forms: ordinary, the Ash-Greninja variant found only in the Sun Version, the Mowbreed variant found only in the Moon Version, and the Gigantamax variant.

Only a Lv36+ Greninja with the Hidden Ability Battle Bond may be captured in order to get these other forms. When a Greninja is captured, players need make sure to level it up until it is Lv36, at which point they should use a Water Stone on it to activate the battle bond ability, which will cause it to change into an Ash-Greninja or a Mowbreed, depending on the game’s version. Additionally, Grennejia may be transported across via Pokémon Home as part of Wonder Trading Events if you’re playing Pokémon Sword or Shield.

Which is the first Pokemon owned by Ash?

In the Pokémon anime series, Ash Ketchum’s first Pokémon was a Pikachu. Bulbasaur, an African spurred tortoise, is Red’s first Pokémon in Pokémon Origins. In the course of Ash’s trip, he possesses a wide variety of Pokémon throughout the year. The one that stands out the most, however, is his Pikachu, which he discovered during his travels across the Kanto and Johto regions.

In addition to Pikachu, Ash has trained and possessed a number of strong Pokémon, including Charizard, Greninja, Sceptile, Infernape, and Snorlax.

Ash had a particular relationship with his Greninja in season 19 of the anime series, which was a gift from Professor Sycamore of the Kalos Region. When Ash used the Bond Phenomenon to combat this Greninja, it had the ability to transform into an Ash-Greninja form. Sadly, Ash is no longer able to capture this Pokémon since it fled to defend its home after completing its task of joining Ash’s Squirtle army in the Alola area.

Can you still get Ash-Greninja?