Are you looking for an immersive gaming experience? Discover the coolest PSP games of all time. You won’t be disappointed with this selection that has something for everyone. From the amazing graphics to the stunning storyline, these games are an absolute must-play. Our picks for the best PSP games are listed, but unfortunately there’s no casino games like CasinoChan login

Burnout Legends

Burnout Legends was one of the best PlayStation Portable (PSP) games of all time. Released in 2005 to critical acclaim, the game represented a new direction-shattering move made by Criterion Games. Featuring outrageous stunt driving, incredibly tight controls and a radical crash-style racing mechanic that told you at all times just how spectacular your success and failure on the road could be – Burnout Legends was truly one of the most intense, action-packed experiences that you can have on a handheld gaming device.

At its core, Legends had players take part in races against multiple opponents while smashing into each other with reckless abandon, and strategically using their boosts to propel themselves into victory. Each race could be approached differently within a variety of locations such as Tokyo and Las Vegas, allowing for unique tactics each time players hit the tarmac. As such, no two races were alike!

In addition to its awesome racing aspect, what truly made this game stand out was its robust “Crash Mode” – where gamers had become masters in destruction by manipulating their vehicles so as to cause maximum destruction in order score points when ramming into traffic along designated tracks. Long story short: Burnout Legends delivered an exhilarating experience for PSP GOers everywhere. Whether it was a straightforward racing experience or quite literally crashing through buildings or cars – this game had it all!

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Since its initial release in 2007, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII has become a favorite among PlayStation Portable (PSP) gamers. The action-RPG game follows the story of Zack Fair as he is drawn into a new adventure set in the acclaimed FFVII universe. With its gorgeous graphics, compelling storyline, and deep combat mechanics, Crisis Core is one of the best rated PSP games of all time and for good reason.

The game features missions that are based on the original FFVII storyline and has you jumping around with characters from the original series such as Aerith and Genesis. Combat is turn-based and involves making strategic choices to move your characters around during fights. You can also choose to upgrade your weapons and armor using Materia which adds an RPG element to the game.

The release of Final Fantasy VII Remake finally happened last year after more than two decades but only offered a retelling of the original events up until Midgar’s bombing mission so diehard fans were disappointed they didn’t get to experience more content involving Zack Fair – until now with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. All these years later we still can’t get enough of this fan favorite PSP title!


Crush is one of the most impressive examples of the art of M.C. Escher in PSP gaming form and is a must-have if you’re a fan of puzzles and platformers. The game mechanics involve dropping, pushing, and spinning objects on an M.C. Escher-inspired level in order to progress to the next area. A great example of this is when you have to open blocked doorways by pushing blocks into two separate areas that then open up revealing the next level’s design – simply brilliant!

The difficulty ramps up slowly over each stage so it’s perfect for players of all skill levels, providing players with a challenge that gradually becomes more difficult as they progress through each level. There are also vibrant neon visuals that help to further capture the player’s attention throughout each puzzle sequence and create an immersive world for them to explore and unravel the mystery behind it all!

Crush features an engaging campaign, along with plenty of unlockable bonus levels for those who are looking for some extra content after completing their first playthrough. It’s an excellent PSP game that still stands out today as one of the best titles released on Sony’s handheld console during its heyday!

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Daxter is one of the best PSP (PlayStation Portable) games of all time. Developed by Naughty Dog’s and released exclusively for the PSP, Daxter gave players an action-packed platformer experience like no other. The game was praised for its strong narrative, unique gameplay, colorful visuals and tight controls.

The story follows Daxter’s quest to rescue his friend Jak from prison and to stop the nefarious Metal Head’s plans to destroy humankind. Daxter’s journey takes him through many vivid locations where he must battle through enemies with a combination of moves, gadgets and the assistance of in-game allies. The game also featured innovative level designs that allowed players to use verticality as a means to their advantage while they take on some of the toughest enemies yet!

Daxter is one that any fan of action platformers should not miss out on. It has been praised by critics around the world as one of the best PSP games ever made due to its colorful graphics, lovable cast of characters, vibrant levels and ingenious design elements. If you are looking for an experience on the PSP that will last you hours upon hours then look no further than Daxter. With levels for all difficulties, engaging puzzles, intense fights and constant surprises – Daxter is truly one of PlayStation Portable’s top titles!