Since gambling appeared in the world, more and more people have started considering gambling online. We can see why that happens since gambling can both offer you money from winning casino games, as well as let you have fun and make some new friends. Unlicensed offshore casinos without swedish license are not considered to be legally operating in the country.

For some people, the idea of getting new friends or relationships in the casino gambling industry may be very surprising; however, it’s true. Depending on the game you play, people can identify your personality pretty carefully. In our article below, we would like to tell you more about that.

What Features of Personality You Have Based on Your Favorite Game

As we have previously mentioned, each person has different features of character and, therefore, prefers certain games to play in online casinos. Here’s what your favorite game can say about you.


When it comes to Bingo, the game itself is pretty simple and is enjoyed by millions of people because of that. Even though the game is mostly based on random, there is still some risk while playing the game. If you prefer Bingo to any other casino game in Australia, it is safe to assume that you are a calm person who likes to have fun and make new friends, and you are also an honest and reasonable person.

Slot Games

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If you are fond of playing slot games, people will automatically consider that you are a person who likes to be by himself and not get disturbed by others. After all, you don’t need anybody else to play slot games, as the game is for one player at a time. Also, people who like to play slot games are not fond of competing against other people but would rather try their luck and guess how lucky they are today.


Blackjack is a game where you need to have some temper, as well as be patient and considerate. People who like to play Blackjack are not only calm and think a few steps ahead but also like to feel the risk of being able to lose something precious.


If your favorite casino game is poker – you are really thoughtful, considerate, as well as cold-hearted, but only in a good way. After all, in order to play poker, you have to basically stop having any other emotion except for the will to win it all. People who are fond of poker never show their emotions to other people and can also use special words or phrases to catch their opponent off-guard.


A lot of people in Australia like playing Roulette games. The game itself is extremely simple – you just try to predict what number the wheel will stop spinning. People who like to play Roulette games are also suitable for people who are not willing to have any company and would just like to spend some good time by themselves.


Craps is yet another game that is perfectly suitable for people who consider themselves to be extroverted. After all, in order to play Craps, you have to compete against other people. However, unlike emotionless people like ones who play Poker, Craps players are instead really friendly and usually have a chat among themselves while playing the game.

About King Johnnie

Regardless of the casino game you like, one thing remains the same – the importance of a good online pokie. In Australia, there are tons of various online pokies that you can use; however, you should pick really carefully, as some of them can steal your money, while others will simply not allow you to withdraw any of your winnings. In order to not fail when choosing an online pokie, you can use King Johnnie.

King Johnnie, which can be accessed by using the link, is a wonderful Australian online casino. It is really young, as it first started operating in Australia only in 2020, but nevertheless, it is a really good casino. The casino cares about the comfort of its users, which is why the casino operates under the Curacao license, thus letting you rest assured that the casino is safe and legal in Australia.

By using King Johnnie, all Australian players will find only the best games. They include ones like Pokies, Slots, Table Games, Dealer games, and others. Of course, apart from Prematch gambling, you can also choose to open the Live Casino section and start playing against live dealers.

King Johnnie is available to users in Australia in 3 ways: the official website, the mobile website, and the mobile app. The website versions can be accessed simply by visiting the site either via PC or the mobile browser, while the mobile app, which is suitable for Android and iOS mobile devices, has to be downloaded and installed. Regardless, you will be able to have a great time while using the app since it is free to download and use and can also be used on any mobile device since the system requirements of the application are extremely low by today’s standards. Please, try out King Johnnie and start winning big money!


To sum it all up, we would like to say that at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what your favorite game in Australian pokies is. Whether it be poker, slots, roulettes, or any other game, you will still be able to have a lot of fun while playing these games, as well as have the opportunity to win a lot of money. This is the sole purpose of any online pokie – to provide you with as much entertainment as possible. So please, start playing your favorite games in King Johnnie online casino, and always make sure to play carefully and safely so that you do not lose money.