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Destiny 2 is the iconic sequel to the MMO fantasy shooter, where the player chooses one of three classes and begins their journey through outer space to help key characters stop an alien invasion and explore planets to delve into the history of the entire series.

Beginners who enter the game world for the first time may encounter a lack of understanding of the basic game mechanics and character development paths.

With the development of the main paths of development, pumping, and PVP, destiny 2 service and this guide will help you figure it out.


The game system will prompt you to choose one of the three main classes, and here is what is known about them:

Titan is the prototype of a medieval knight in a far-future universe. The class has a high armor rate and various defensive skills to cover group members and protect important targets. This does not mean that the class is not attacking – the titan perfectly crushes enemies with huge fists and firearms, and various pumping methods will make him a pretty good damage dealer, an addition to his main tasks of protecting the group.

Warlock is the prototype mage in the firearms universe. The class has good indicators of interaction with the group and farm. Warlock has a wide range of mass skills – attacking and auxiliary. You can develop your class as a support – healing, and blessing of the group, or go the offensive class and choose powerful AoE skills that will make you indispensable in any raid if you have the right equipment.

Hunter is the prototype of a special forces soldier in a far future universe. The class is distinguished by a high damage rate and various skills of disguise and increases the distance between it and the attacker. The hunter is great with daggers if the enemy gets too close and has camouflage skills. The class can be developed into a full-fledged sniper and a unit that deals great damage from a long distance on a single target, even well-armored.


Your journey through the world of Destiny 2 will begin with the tutorial system. The game will introduce the player to the basic mechanics of shooting, movement, and the mechanics of using skills and grenades. The player will have to pump their level and move on to the main content and PVP.

Ways to level up:

  • Quests
  • Strikes
  • Dungeons
  • Contracts


The main pumping system – the player takes the task from the NPC and goes to another NPC for a conversation or moves to the location to exterminate the indicated monsters and return back. For such tasks, the player will receive the promotion of the storyline, glitter, and experience.


Light raids on boss areas for three players. You need to enter the Strike zone, destroy the entire boss retinue and defeat the lord of the zone himself in order to earn improved equipment, weapons, glitters, and game experience, which will be shared among all participants in the Strike.



Dungeons are similar to strikes but with increased difficulty and an increased minimum number of players to enter.

The bosses in the dungeons are more dangerous but also store a more valuable reward. If you get into the Mystic+ dungeon, you can even get the best legendary equipment, but it may take up to 15 players to enter. This does not mean that you should enter with this number of participants, but this is how Banjie considers the probability of success in the selected dungeon as high.

As a reward, you can get legendary equipment, sparkles, and a large amount of experience, which will be divided among all members of the group.


A unique system that allows you to take the first time a day for free and then for the sparkles special tasks that require in-game actions.

For example, killing certain monsters, shooting headshots, destroying enemies with certain weapons, and so on. The task lasts the time specified in the validity period and can be completed both earlier and much later after receipt.

Subsequent tasks can be bought for glitter and thus exchange money for game experience in almost unlimited quantities.


Each class in Destiny 2 has the ability to develop a subclass that is distinguished by applying a special specialization to all the skills that the class can apply.

Ways of development:

  • The sun
  • Lightning
  • Emptiness

The sun

Suitable for the hunter, as it allows you to concentrate the power of the sun into one super-powerful and accurate shot that ignores armor and is especially effective against tanks and bosses inside the dungeons.


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Suitable for a titan, as it allows you to attack targets with the lightning force that come too close to the tank. In combination with a protective shield, a titan can not only deter enemy attacks but also deal damage to them without being distracted from his duties in the group.


Suitable for a Warlock, as it imbues AoE attacks with the power of the void and increases their power when used against players and monsters in dungeons.