Even though some of you may not be aware of this, we all look for console games with themes that we find attractive. Of course, some of you may prefer puzzles while others like first-person shooters, but ultimately, it’s the theme that makes us try the title or avoid it.

The games that have left a deep impact on us, the ones we love and like to talk about with our fellow gamers, are those with themes that made us think about things we never thought about before. Some of these games can even change some aspects of our lives. It goes without saying that we all have different preferences. Still, it seems that a few themes are pretty popular among players focused on console games. Software developers tend to develop ideas for their future projects based on theme popularity. So, let’s check some of the most popular themes in console games at the moment.


Even today, when we have explanations for almost everything around us, and we have explored most of our planet, people are still fascinated by the concept of exploration. Console games give players a unique opportunity to explore worlds that may or may not be inspired by our world.

The most successful exploration games are the ones that use open-world exploration. So, we’re talking about non-linear games that leave players to decide where they want to go next. On their way to discovering new things, they can complete main missions and get involved in side missions. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Hogwarts Legacy, and Ghost of Tsushima have set high standards for this theme.


Thousands of players are big fans of fantasy-themed console games, and we know why. Some of these titles can transport you to the middle of complex magic worlds where you can enjoy the stunning landscape and look for incredible items. Some games feature mythical creatures, and we’re not talking only about dragons.

Also, many of these console games ask you to complete epic quests and promise great rewards improving players’ satisfaction once they finish a task. Like in the case of exploration games, there may be some crossovers meaning the games can cover more than one theme. Some of the most notable examples of such games are the Persona series (especially Persona 5), the Diablo series, including the latest Diablo IV, the Elder Scrolls series, etc.

This theme is prevalent in other types of games like thrilling casino slots, for example. Like fantasy-themed console games, slot games offer exciting moments in faraway worlds, feature various characters, and include modern graphics and animations. For instance, in i-slots, themes constantly shift to enhance immersion, presenting a new environment at every stage of the game.


Honestly, superhero-themed console games are not loved by everyone. Still, the fans of these releases are dedicated and pretty focused on these games, which grabs the public’s attention. What most of them have in common is that they are based on popular comic book characters.

Basically, you’re put in the shoes (or boots) of a well-known superhero and try to save the world from unusual and powerful villains. As time passed, these games’ stories started including more than one superhero (and supervillains). So, we’re talking about console games with superhero teams. This is excellent for people who enjoy co-op and/or split-screen games.

Some notable examples of console games in this category include the Batman series, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy series, and Marvel’s Spider-man series. Let’s not forget that the console game industry has also created unique superhero characters available in games like Infamous, Gravity Rush, and Prototype.


It’s fair to say that many exploration-themed console games include elements of action-adventure games or represent a mix of both themes. Still, we will list it as a separate category because there are some things that the exploration-themed titles miss.

For instance, besides the thrilling action sequences you can expect in these releases, there’s usually a profound story leading to narrative-driven gameplay. As you progress, you reveal new elements of the main story and come closer to unveiling a mystery or solving a puzzle.

We must mention the Uncharted series when discussing action/adventure games played on video game consoles. The adventures of Nathan Drake were so popular that Hollywood decided to make a movie based on this game. We also have The Last of Us series, the God of War series, the Tomb Raider series, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, etc.

Final Thoughts

Even though console gaming trends tend to change over time, and we witness the appearance of new themes, a few seem to be evergreen.  The chance to explore new places, enter fantasy worlds, get involved in action-packed adventures, and help the superheroes save our planet is something that many players will keep using. Additionally, the rise of in-game economies where players can trade or purchase items like Diablo 4 gold enhances the gaming experience.